AesthetiCare is the go-to partner for skin professionals, working together to enhance skin appearance, skin health and wellbeing.

The AesthetiCare Academy is an essential skin professional knowledge and training hub, providing business and marketing support, product and device knowledge, and practical treatment education through our virtual Academy events, hosted by our expert team. Academy events include:

Immerse yourself in our brands in our Experience events, which offer a unique experience allowing clinics to see our treatments in action, gain an insight into the unique technologies and formulations used, and discover how they can benefit both your clients, and your business.

They are also the perfect opportunity to interact with our expert team and ask any questions you may have, to help decide if our products or devices are the right investment for your business.

Who can attend?

Experience Events are open to anyone who is potentially looking to partner with one of our brands and wants to find out more about our brands, products and systems.

At AesthetiCare, we provide clinics with full certified training which may comprise of both theory and practical elements.

During online or in-clinic training, you will learn the science behind the industry-leading technologies and gain an in-depth knowledge of product formulations.

During practical training, you will master treatment protocols and techniques to allow you to deliver the most effective treatments at the highest standard.

Our aim is to give you all the knowledge, and confidence you need to work successfully in your clinic with our products and devices, in order to achieve the best results for your clients.

Who can attend?

Full training is given to skin professionals who are new partners to our brands. Training requirements are unique to each of our brands so please contact us to find out more.

Our product masterclasses will take your knowledge and skills of our products and systems to the next level to help clinics give clients a truly exceptional experience and achieve the best possible results.

Who can attend?

Masterclasses are available exclusively to partners of our brands.

The Academy provides regular Partner Campaign updates to brief, educate and inform partner clinics on upcoming campaigns to help partners of the brand successfully implement them within clinic and drive treatment and product sales. All content to help run these campaigns is hosted exclusively for partners on the Marketing Hub in the Professional Zone.

Who can attend?

Partner Campaign Events are available exclusively to partners of our brands.


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