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AESTHETICARE is a division of Ferndale Pharma and is Cantabria Labs’ exclusive UK partner. Our portfolio features brands from this pioneering global dermatology company, which is renowned for its product research and advanced, patented skincare technologies.  

We provide professional skin clinics with dermatological, scientifically researched and clinically-proven skincare. Our dermo-cosmetic skincare portfolio targets the full spectrum of skin health concerns, including skin ageing, sun protection & acne management.  

AESTHETICARE helps skincare professionals prevent and treat skin indications in synergy with professional, in-clinic treatments. This provides a holistic and tailored skincare strategy for every patient. 

We collaborate with a network of dermatology experts, professional skin clinics and skincare enthusiasts to offer the very best, evidence-based dermatological innovations. Our chosen product ranges are scientifically proven to enhance skin health, harnessing the power of nature and repurposing it to repair, correct and protect the skin.  


An exceptional range of dermo-cosmetic skincare products with clinically-proven formulations, exclusive to professional skin clinics. 

Heliocare 360°

An advanced, scientifically-proven daily sun protection range, featuring topical formulations and skin supplements for all skin types.  

Cantabria Labs Biretix Logo

An innovative & holistic skincare range that is specifically formulated to purify, treat and care, for oily and spot-prone skin types.

Working in partnership with AESTHETICARE

We are passionate about working in partnership with aesthetic skin clinics to support your business.  

When you partner with AESTHETICARE, we provide you with the best evidence-based ingredients & technologies on the market, helping you to achieve the best results for your patients. We will also provide continued support to help drive your business forward. This includes the latest products and treatment plans, high-level training, marketing guidance and continual customer support. 

From warehouse to sales, our team is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service to our partners. 

Woman receiving facial treatment in clinic

Training & masterclass education

The AESTHETICARE training team provides comprehensive scientific and brand knowledge for promoting Cantabria Lab ranges in your clinic. Masterclasses and partner sessions cover campaign implementation, ‘the science behind it all’, hero products, and skincare protocols, motivating and empowering your team to achieve outstanding results.

Marketing & promotional campaigns

Our marketing campaigns boost brand awareness and generate new business, focusing on specific products and ingredients with tailored protocols. Bolstered with inspiring messaging, dynamic merchandising, and digital materials, including product imagery and social media content. As an AESTHETICARE partner, you will gain access to these exclusive brand marketing toolkits.

Business development support

AESTHETICARE is your dedicated partner, committed to your business’s success. Our support team includes passionate professionals and industry-leading account managers, offering sales, training and educational support. Furthermore, our reliable customer service team is always available to assist with your account.

Our values

Relationships come first

Our partners and their patients are at the heart of what we do; we believe when we take care of one another, everything else follows. 

Be passionate, always

We love what we do, and this passion shines through in our products, services and commitments to all those we work with. 

Act with integrity and authenticity

By operating in regulatory compliance with honesty and integrity, you can always count on us as your reliable partner. 

Deliver exceptional quality

We aim to provide our partners with consistently exceptional quality products and services, so you can always trust us to deliver.