Working in partnership

Training & masterclass education

The AESTHETICARE training and education team will provide you with the core scientific and brand knowledge you need to confidently promote our product ranges in-clinic. Comprehensive training is provided for the Cantabria Lab brands, including ALLSKIN | MED, Biretix and Heliocare. 

Our masterclass presentations and partner sessions include all the information and materials required to support the implementation of every campaign, including specific indications, ‘the science behind it all’, hero products and skincare protocols. 

What’s more, our training will motivate and empower you and your team to deliver outstanding results.   

Marketing & promotional campaigns 

Our marketing campaigns are designed to raise brand awareness and generate new business. We will help you promote your in-clinic product ranges, with exciting campaigns that are focused around specific products and ingredients, complete with tailored protocols for different indications.  

Campaigns are bolstered by inspiring messaging, dynamic merchandising and digital support materials. This includes product imagery and ready-made content for social media and blog posts. As an AESTHETICARE partner, you will have exclusive access to these brand marketing toolkits for every campaign. 

Business Development Support 

AESTHETICARE is your dedicated partner, focused on making your business a success. Our business support team includes passionate professionals and industry-leading account managers. They are committed to fueling the growth of your clinic with training sessions, educational support and an exciting marketing calendar. Furthermore, our reliable customer service team is always available to assist with your account. 

We are committed to supporting our partners in every aspect of their business. As well as encouraging the success of AESTHETICARE brands in your clinic, our team is here to offer additional advice to help your business to flourish. 

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