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science-led daily sun protection recommended by dermatologists

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Nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360°

Nothing protects like Heliocare 360°, a dermatological daily sun protection range of topical formulations and oral supplements. This leading collection of evidence-based sun protection products protects against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A. 

Heliocare 360° contains exclusive, clinically-proven Fernblock technology, an antioxidant powerhouse that is clinically-proven to help protect the skin from outside and from within. This holistic approach goes beyond traditional sunscreen, protecting the skin’s surface whilst also working to prevent and repair deep skin damage and premature skin ageing. 

Heliocare 360° offers the best daily defence against sun damage and skin ageing and will give your patients the protection they need following in-clinic skin treatments. And because every patient’s skin is unique, Heliocare offers a comprehensive range of formulations to suit every skin type & indication. 

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Science-led daily sun protection recommended by dermatologists worldwide 

Intelligent ingredients

Every topical product in the Heliocare 360° range offers high-level, broad spectrum protection, protecting the skin against sunburn, free radical damage, DNA damage and skin cancers caused by UVA and UVB rays. The unique antioxidant technology, Fernblock®, provides additional protection against UVA and UVB, along with Visible Light and Infrared-A, offering protection against the full spectrum of sunlight. Heliocare 360°’s scientifically-proven formulations also boost the skin’s immune system, whilst preventing the pigmentation and collagen breakdown that lead to premature signs of ageing.

Heliocare 360° works by harnessing the power of a unique blend of natural components and technologies. These intelligent ingredients work together to provide high-level protection against the sun’s rays and other environmental aggressors, shielding the skin’s surface and defending it from within.

Fernblock® technology

A supercharged antioxidant that is exclusive to Cantabria Labs and backed by years of research and clinical data, which demonstrates its ability to help prevent and repair damage caused by daylight (UVA, UVB, Visible Light & Infrared-A).

UV filters

An optimum combination of mineral and non-mineral filters that protect the skin’s surface at a minimum of SPF50 and PA++++.


Additional antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E and green tea extract, provide additional antioxidant activity to boost skin health.

DNA repair enzymes

Natural, plant-derived enzymes help repair skin cell DNA and reduce free radical damage by 30%.

What do Heliocare clinics say?

Absolutely love it! Have been using and stocking it for years! Wouldn’t use or have any other SPF! There’s one for every skin type – you literally can’t go wrong! Chandani Bhuida, Senior Aesthetician, Mayfair Practice


Join us as a Heliocare 360° partner clinic. Working together, we’ll help you drive your business forward, delivering the best service and results for your patients. You’ll have access to the latest product launches and treatment protocols, along with high-level training and marketing support. We love working with our Heliocare 360°partners. We hope that you’ll love working with us, too!  

Marketing support

Our marketing campaigns are designed to raise brand awareness and generate new business for your clinic. Each campaign focuses around a specific Heliocare 360° product or skin indication, bolstered by inspiring merchandising, messaging and imagery. As a Heliocare 360° partner clinic, you will have exclusive access to the full marketing toolkit. What’s more, you’ll benefit from our ongoing press and social media campaigns, boosting brand awareness and driving new patients to your door. ​​

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Business support

Heliocare 360° partner clinics benefit from a dedicated Account Manager, who will be on hand to support you from the moment you launch the range in your clinic. With training sessions, educational support and an exciting marketing calendar, we are focused on making your business a success, keeping your team motivated and driving more retail sales. 

Masterclass education

As a Heliocare 360° partner clinic, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the AESTHETICARE Academy, which offers ongoing support and training. Take your knowledge to the next level and feel confident in upselling every product to your patient. Our masterclass presentations and partner sessions include all the information and materials you need for every Heliocare 360° campaign, including the science of each ingredient, different skin indications and skincare protocols. 

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