Biretix Masterclass with Dr Massimo Milani (MD)

Questions and Answers

Adapted from the responses provided at the webinar and incorporating additional information where appropriate. Please note that we were not able to cover all questions during the webinar so not all the questions below were featured. 

Where can I find the NHS report referenced in the presentation?

The NHS report ‘Referral optimisation for people with skin conditions’ can be found at the following link: Click Here

What percentage Tretinoin is the Retinsphere technology in Duo and Tri-Active comparable to?

It is not possible for us to make a direct comparison because RetinSphere technology is a unique combination of retinoids containing Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, a cosmetic Retinoic Acid Ester that can bind directly with retinoic acid receptors and Retinol in microsponges that helps provide a sustained release of the retinol. This unique delivery mechanism provides an efficacy and tolerability that is difficult to compare to a single alternative ingredient.

In addition the Biretix products contain multiple skin enhancing ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide and moisturising complexes. All these ingredients will further contribute to efficacy and tolerability and these enhanced formulations. This makes it even more difficult to compare Biretix dermo-cosmetic formulations to a mono-therapy product.

Because Cantabria Labs are science-led we conduct clinical studies so that we can be confident that there is an evidence base that successful outcomes can be achieved when recommending and using the products we think the studies demonstrate this is the case.

Does the cleanser make the skin feel dry?

The Biretix Cleanser is specially formulated to be pH balanced, non-comedogenic and non-irritating or drying to the skin. Its unique combination of botanical extracts helps to soothe the skin and further protect the skin’s barrier. The clinical studies show the Biretix Cleanser is well tolerated.

I have a client comendonal acne. been using Biretix for 3 months. What clinic treatments could I be offering alongside? Currently Facials using Biretix and mild salicylic and glycolic peels.

Aesthetic skin clinics have a great opportunity to help those prone to mild to moderate acne with treatments such as the peels you mention as well as light-based treatments such as LED phototherapy and IPL. Biretix regimes can work very well with these, we have and are developing protocols about how best to use Biretix with these types of treatment. We will follow up in the near future with more information on this topic.

If you are already a Biretix partner, you will have received some guidance on this during your Biretix training and can refer back to this in your training manual. When using Biretix products and regimes with treatments that can cause redness or erythema the use of the Biretix products should be managed so they do not exacerbate or prolong this.  

You mention female acne for the back using spay – is this only for use on females?

No the Biretix Tri-Active Spray is also suitable for treatment of body acne on males.

How old can you be to start using the products? / You talk about using the products for teenagers, is there a restriction on age for the products as some children can present age 9 plus with hormonal changes been present? Would they be safe for these patients to use?

The Biretix range is suitable for those aged 12 and above.

Can this be used in pregnancy or breast feeding?

Whilst it is not required for cosmetic products to make a statement about use in pregnancy or breast feeding we do not recommend that Biretix products containing RetinSphere Technology are used in women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or are breast feeding.

The reasons for this are that there are no studies that confirm the safety of Biretix during pregnancy or breast-feeding, also guidelines advise that those who are pregnant or breast feeding, eliminate use of retinoids from their skincare routine. The Biretix Cleanser and Micropeel do not contain RetinSphere Technology however its best to consult your doctor before starting any new skincare regime during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Is the Tri-Active Gel suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin?

Biretix Tri-Active clinic studies were carried out on those with Fitzpatrick skin types II and above. This isn’t to say they cannot be used on Fitzpatrick I skin types however extra care should be taken as these skin types are often more sensitive.

We have conducted studies in patients with sensitive skin using a combination of Biretix Cleanser, Tri-Active Gel and Hydramat and it was well tolerated. We would also expect Biretix Tri-Active Gel to be well tolerated, when used in the same combination in skin types IV, V and VI.

However, as the Glycolic Acid concentrations are relatively high and pH levels are relatively low extra care should be taken. On-going maintenance and adaptations should be made whenever necessary throughout your client’s treatment journey and the use of high-level sun protection is very important.

We recommend Heliocare 360 Oil-Free Gel SPF 50 for use on acne-prone skin.

Are products safe to be used with IPL and phototherapy?

Biretix products can be effectively used with IPL and phototherapy. As stated in the comments above we will be providing further updates on this in the near future. It should also be noted that When using Biretix products and regimes with treatments that can cause redness or erythema the use of the Biretix products should be managed so they do not exacerbate or prolong this.   

Can you use the Biretix Duo in a client with rosacea? Is it effective for acne rosacea?

The pathology of rosacea (sometimes referred to as acne rosacea) is very different to acne (also referred to as acne vulgaris). The Biretix range has been developed to specifically help those with acne prone skin and we have not carried out studies on the use of Biretix Duo in those prone to rosacea. Therefore, we cannot recommend it for this type of client.

What are our thoughts on using the Biretix products in conjunction with an RF treatment probe which is placed directly into active acne spots?

We do not have any information or experience of its use with this type of treatment. However as we discussed dermo-cosmetics and the Biretix range are important co-adjuvants to treatments. Logically the use of a Biretix home-care routine could help support such a treatment. It would be important to ensure that any redness, erythema or risks associated with the treatment were exacerbated by the use of the Biretix regime.

I tried to apply the Hydramat Fluid after cleansing my skin and the product sits on the surface, it leaves like a layer and once I try to massage the product peels off and I received feedback they that the same happened with the Tri-Active Gel?

We are sorry to hear this. This is not a problem we have encountered before. Our experience to date and from the studies is of high levels of user acceptance. We will follow up with the delegate who reported this to explore the circumstances and to help resolve the issue