Nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360°. The multi-award winning range provides daily protection against UVA and UVB, plus visible light and infrared-A.

The Heliocare 360° range protects skin at its surface and defends skin from within with clinically proven anti-oxidants and DNA repair enzymes. This powerful combination of ingredients makes Heliocare 360° the essential part of every skincare regime.

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The sun damages our skin every day, all year round – even on the cloudiest of days. Wearing daily sun protection is essential in maintaining your clients’ skin health and helping to prevent premature skin ageing.

In fact, rather than sun protection we should think of it as daylight protection. That’s because while UVB is strongest in the Summer, UVA, visible light and infrared-A are present all year round.


  • Present all year round

  • Reaches deep into the dermis

  • Can penetrate cloud and glass


  • Most harmful during Summer

  • Penetrates the epidermis

  • Causes sunburn


  • Present all year round

  • Affects the dermis and epidermis

  • Key cause of skin pigmentation


  • Present all year round

  • Penetrates the dermis and hyperdermis

  • More wrinkles are formed when skin is exposed to UV and Infrared-A together


Prolonged sun exposure releases millions of free radicals in the skin causing damage that results in premature skin ageing and impaired skin health.

These daylight-induced free radicals damage:

Skin cell DNA

leading to mutations

Langerhans cells

compromising the skin’s ability to protect itself


causing pigmentation


leading to lines, wrinkles and laxity


Regardless of whether your clients have dry, oily, spot prone or sensitive skin there’s a Heliocare 360° product to suit everyone.


With maximum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light, infrared-A, free radicals and DNA damage, nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360°. It shields the skin’s surface and defends the skin from within with a unique combination of intelligent ingredients.

A supercharged, fern derived anti-oxidant that fights and neutralises free radicals in the skin. With over 80 Fernblock clinical papers, Fernblock is the result of years of research and is exclusive to Heliocare 360° products.

The optimum combination of mineral and non-mineral filters protect the skin at the surface from UVA and UVB. Every Heliocare 360° product offers at least SPF50 protection against UVB and PA++++ (the highest possible PA rating) for UVA.

There are no filters for infrared-A, so this advanced anti-oxidant penetrates deep into the skin helping to protect fibroblasts in the skin and prevent free radical damage caused by infrared-A.

Specifically designed to absorb visible light wavelengths at the skin’s surface. It absorbs wavelengths between 400 and 500nm at a level that’s two times greater than our own melanin can absorb.

DNA repair enzymes for the skin repair both the nucleus and the mitochondria of DNA and can also reduce free radical damage to the mitochondria by a huge 30%.

These advanced skin loving anti-oxidants boost the activity of Fernblock FC by helping to neutralise harmful free radicals in the skin.


Fernblock is derived from the fern Polypodium leucotomos; an aquatic plant that evolved to thrive on land by developing a powerful protective mechanism from the sun. Fernblock harnesses the power of this unique fern by a patented extract which is then fortified with ferulic and caffeic acid.

Fernblock fights and neutralises harmful free radicals in the skin and is clinically proven to protect fibroblasts, collagen, Langerhans cells and skin cell DNA.

This revolutionary technology is the result of years of research – with over 80 clinical papers – and is exclusive to Heliocare 360° products.



“Heliocare is the most important product that we use and patients love it! The range has the diversity to provide the right product for each and every skin. The most important factor is the quality of texture, which means that patients want to wear it every day either under or instead of make-up.”

Dr. Carolyn Berry | Firvale Clinic


“Absolutely love it! Have been using and stocking it for years! Wouldn’t use or have any other SPF! There’s one for every skin type – you literally cant go wrong!”

Chandani Bhuida | Mayfair Practice


“Heliocare has been a fantastic addition within our clinic network. This product range has proved itself to be extremely popular right from day 1 of launch with both our patients and clinic staff. We view the Heliocare 360 range as the “gold standard” in sun protection allowing us to provide our patients with complete peace of mind that they are protecting their skin daily.”

Lauren MacKenzie | Transform Hospital Group


“After losing a trusted brand…I took a first trial order for several clients with various skin types/problems. Such a fab range to suit all, some even oil free and tinted. I will promote this trusted, easy to use range all year round and after my clinic treatments with full confidence, and at no more cost than ‘rival’ premium brands.”

Catherine Emanuel | Future Face


“I recommend Heliocare to every one of my clients because I firmly believe that it’s the best photo-protection product. The Fernblock anti-oxidant system is second-to-none, and there’s literally a Heliocare product to suit every client – and because they feel great on your skin, clients just keep coming back of more!”

Dr. Sach Mohan | Revere


By coming on board as a Heliocare 360° partner clinic, together we’ll be creating just that – a strong, supportive partnership.

The team at AesthetiCare – from the warehouse operatives through to professional trainers – are dedicated to making your experience with us a great one. Our processes follow strict standards and regulations, so you can rely on a professional and efficient service in every aspect of our business.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to make a success. You’ll receive regular marketing campaigns to keep the brand fresh in the eyes of your clients, including merchandising, marketing materials and support for client events.

You’ll also benefit from the press and social media campaigns that we’re dedicated to running, driving brand awareness and new clients to your door.


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