Boost skin repair with ALLSKIN | MED.

The latest in post-procedure skin recovery, ALLSKIN | MED GF Intensive Regeneration Ampoules feature an exclusive formulation that’s rich in growth factors, helping to reduce redness, flaking and discomfort after aesthetic treatments.

The ampoules contain a light serum with 40% SCA® Growth Factor Technology; a patented technology combining snail-derived growth factors with anti-oxidants and glycosaminoglycans.

With this powerful ingredient and sophisticated formulation, GF Intensive Regeneration Ampoules have been shown provide a visible improvement in skin recovery just 24 hours after application.

The ampoules work directly on the fibroblast to stimulate old cells and make them behave like new ones. This synthesises collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for better skin recovery.

Every GF Intensive Regeneration Ampoule is also packed with anti-oxidants and glycosaminoglycans for brighter, smoother skin and long lasting hydration.

SCA® Growth Factor Technology was first discovered by Spanish radiotherapist Dr. Rafael Abad. He wished to treat his cancer patients’ skin burns following radiotherapy. After numerous studies, he realised that the secretion of the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa could regenerate damaged skin structures.

In the mid 1990s, Cantabria Labs patented this technology and sought to spread the word about the power of SCA Growth Factor Technology and its ability to accelerate skin recovery after aesthetic treatments.


The ALLSKIN | MED GF Intensive Regeneration Ampoules can be used following treatments including microneedling, fractional radiofrequency, peels*, laser*, microdermabrasion and IPL.

Apply one ampoule (1ml) to the skin immediately after the procedure. Ensure the product is absorbed before applying sun protection.


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