post procedure skincare

Your clients have already invested in their skin by coming to your clinic and having their chosen skin treatment, so they’re likely to want to maintain these results at home too. Many treatments can make skin a little more sensitive while new tissue is generated, bacteria is killed and collagen is produced which means it’s important to help your clients protect their skin and prevent irritation. 

A post treatment skincare routine will help your clients to enhance the results of their treatments and keep their skin looking fresh, bright and clear. 

Post procedure skin treatments 


ALLSKIN | MED has been developed with the most effective rejuvenating technologies in dermatology, treating from cell to surface to deliver optimum results for your client’s skin. One of the key technologies within ALLSKIN | MED for post procedure skin care is SCA PRO which is based on the purified extraction of the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa. Rich in growth factors, it delivers targeted dermal rejuvenation and is clinically proven to enhance treatment results and reduce downtime. 

How does SCA PRO work for post procedure skin?

Cryptomphalus aspersa is a snail which developed natural defence mechanisms to protect itself against external aggressions such as cold, heat, dryness, radiation, and chemical changes. This is the defence mechanism used in this patented extract within ALLSKIN | MED. It was first experimented in patients suffering from radiation dermatitis following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The results were so impressive that investigations continued with the Pentagon in the US, before the patent and clinical development was awarded to Cantabria Labs. 

SCA PRO features:

  • Fibroblast growth factor activity 
  • Collagnese 
  • Powerful anti-oxidants 
  • Proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans 
  • Minerals – calcium 

When applied immediately post-procedure, SCA PRO has been proven to: 

  • Reduce redness immediately after treatment 
  • Accelerate recovery 
  • Enhance the results of your rejuvenating skin treatments

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