sensitive skin treatment

Sensitive skin is a common skin condition and usually refers to skin that is more prone to inflammation, redness or an allergic reaction. Sensitive skin can react to chemicals, dyes, and fragrances present in the products that come into contact with the skin as well as a range of environmental factors. 

Treating clients with sensitive skin can be difficult and so it’s important to find skincare products with the right ingredients that will not cause a skin reaction. You may already be aware of the in-clinic treatments that are most suitable for your clients with sensitive skin but you might not be aware that you can help them to maintain their skincare routine and enhance the results of their treatments with a number of products. 

At AESTHETICARE, we have a number of products that are specifically formulated to treat sensitive skin so you can be assured that you’re offering your clients the best care for their skin. 

Products for sensitive skin 


Each and every ALLSKIN | MED product has been developed with tolerability in mind, so all of your clients can experience great results without irritation. ALLSKIN | MED features the most effective rejuvenating technologies in dermatology, treating from cell to surface to deliver optimum results for your clients. The delivery mechanisms used for each technology means that the ingredients penetrate into the skin to get to work exactly where they are needed, not just on the surface of the skin. 

Retinoids are a common skincare ingredient that can leave sensitive skin irritated so, if you have clients who are uncomfortable using retinoids in their skincare routine, SCA PRO, our powerful growth factor technology provides excellent dermal rejuvenation with potent anti-oxidants to help protect skin health, plus skin soothers.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Eye Cream

Firming Eye Cream

This is a lightweight cream-gel with decongestant peptides designed to reduce puffiness, powerful anti-oxidant superoxide dismutase and soft focus microspheres to provide instant luminosity.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Serum

Firming Serum

This product is a light, rapidly absorbing serum that repairs and regenerates at a dermal level with firming proteins, niacinamide, anti-oxidants, soothing ingredients and hydrators.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Replenishing Cream

Replenishing Cream

The Replenishing Cream is a rich, nourishing, and soothing cream containing powerful growth factors and a skin-firming complex with immediate and long-lasting hydrators.

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