The ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation Plan: Improve treatment results and reduce downtime

The ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation and has been designed for use alongside any in-clinic rejuvenation treatment such as radiofrequency treatments, IPL, microneedling, peels and LED phototherapy. 

Centred around the clinically proven SCA PRO growth factor technology the Collagen Activation Plan is proven to provide significant benefits for your clients specifically reducing redness immediately post procedure, accelerating skin recovery and enhancing the results of rejuvenating skin treatments. Studies have shown that it can improve the efficacy of treatments in relation to wrinkle reduction by 50%! 

SCA PRO is a patented technology rich in growth factors, glycosaminoglycans and antioxidants and is clinically proven to deliver targeted dermal rejuvenation by stimulating fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin. 

The Collagen Activation Plan is a month-long home use skincare plan combined with a straightforward protocol immediately following the treatment in clinic. It’s a fantastic addition to any clinic looking to enhance your clients experience, results and satisfaction while introducing them to an clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic range at a price that offers them exceptional value. 

The home-use regime features two products:  

ALLSKIN | MED GF Regenerating Ampoules

ALLSKIN | MED Regenerating Ampoules

A lightweight serum with very high levels of SCA PRO growth factor technology, anti-oxidants and hydrators. The Regenerating Ampoules work in synergy with your in-clinic treatments by getting to work deep in the skin to reduce lines, increase skin firmness and brighten the complexion. 

ALLSKIN | MED GF Replenishing Cream

ALLSKIN | MED Replenishing Cream

A rich, nourishing cream with SCA PRO growth factor technology and a skin-firming complex plus immediate and long-lasting hydrators. The Replenishing Cream helps to restore skin hydration during your treatment course to leave skin plump and soft. 

What ALLSKIN | MED partners are saying

ALLSKIN | MED partners and their clients are seeing fantastic results from the Collagen Activation Plan – here’s a snapshot of some of their results and feedback.

Amy Spiers from Remedi Medispa has seen some fantastic results from using the home-use regime alone, even before any treatments have been performed. This client has used the Collagen Activation Plan at home for 1 week and is already seeing visible results. 

Before and after using the Collagen Activation Plan for 1 week

“I recommend the Collagen Activation Plan to every client having a treatment, not only does it help to reduce redness and downtime, but I see a real improvement in the results I achieve. I use it alongside every treatment – from micro-needling to skin tightening and IPL – to help get that wow factor.  

“These photos show the results with the Collagen Activation Plan and IPL. I’m delighted with the results, as is my client who has loved using the products at home.” 
Natalia Marie from Natalie Marie Beauty Clinic

Before and after IPL treatment followed by the Collagen Activation Plan

“The Growth factor ampoules have been really useful. We do a procedure called ENDYBLEPH and its fantastic to put on afterwards – it’s going to boost your results and reduce the downtime and redness from the procedure, so our patients love it. My therapist has used it successfully now for about 18 months, so we’ve got proof that it really does work!” Dr Nicola Maasdorp at No4 Clinic

ALLSKIN | MED partners – get started with Collagen Activation Kits

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