ALLSKIN | MED Retinisation: An inside look at the clinical study

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ALLSKIN | MED was created by Cantabria Labs, experts in dermatological research and development. In their commitment to producing only the best, evidence-based skincare products, Cantabria Labs launched an original study into anti-ageing treatments, and the efficacy and tolerability of the ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes. 


Skin ageing 

Skin ageing is a natural process that we all experience, but it can be influenced by a number of factors, including genetics, hormones, and external aggressors. In terms of external influences, the worst culprit is UV exposure, followed by air pollution, cigarette smoking, poor nutrition, stress and lack of sleep. 

These factors manifest as deteriorated skin health and signs of premature skin ageing. Wrinkles, pigmentation, thickness and loss of elasticity are just some of the visible symptoms, while beneath the surface, barrier function and skin immunity are compromised.  

Our technologies 

Our new retinol programmes feature the ALLSKIN | MED Renewal Serums in three strengths: 0.25%, 0.5% and 1%, The programme combine three incredible patented technologies, RetinSphere®, EDAFENCE® and SCA® PRO.  

RetinSphere® Technology harnesses the power of two retinoids, hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) and retinol within glycospheres. This improves the tolerance and stability of the retinol. The innovative dual-release system offers both the immediate and sustained release of retinol, with minimal irritation and maximum results.  

Meanwhile, EDAFENCE® Technology harnesses the power of an Antarctic plant that can tolerate high levels of environmental stress. This extract offers incredible anti-oxidant and anti-pollution activity, protecting against oxidative stress and DNA damage. 

Our Programmes also contain SCA® PRO, a powerful growth-factor complex that regenerates and repairs the skin whilst reducing redness.  

The technologies work in unison to offer the very best results. And by following the ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes, clients can achieve healthier, more youthful skin that is protected against environmental aggressors, whilst enjoying a gentle and gradual increase in their skin’s tolerance to retinol. 

The study 

To demonstrate the true power of ALLSKIN | MED’s technologies, RetinSphere® and EDAFENCE®, while following our retinol protocol (find out more here), an open-label, prospective study was conducted across twenty two volunteers. The participants were female, aged 45-65 years old, with Fitzpatrick Skin Types III and IV, living in Barcelona, Spain, which is considered heavily polluted by the World Health Organisation. 

The study participants were treated with the ALLSKIN | MED Retinisation Protocol for 90 days. This involved the application of the ALLSKIN | MED Renewal Serums & Restore Cream at specific intervals. 


At several points throughout the study, participants were assessed for facial ageing. Changes were compared to the baseline assessment at day one.  

Assessments for wrinkles and elasticity were measured using skin analysis systems; VISIA®, which photographs the skin and illuminates wrinkles with dark and light green lines; Visioline®, which utilises silicone replicas of the skin surface to identify wrinkles through peaks and shadows; and Cutometer®, which measures skin elasticity and firmness through suction. 

Clinical scale assessments were also conducted using scoring systems for wrinkles (eg. 1=no wrinkles, 2=shallow but visible wrinkles, 3=moderately deep wrinkles, and so on) and elasticity (eg. 0=no improvement, 1=slight improvement, 2= moderate improvement, and so on). 


Our clinical study found that the ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes are an effective, long-term treatment for improving the signs of ageing and protecting skin health, allowing patients to better tolerate a retinoid formulation with excellent results. 

By week four, wrinkles in the eye area were significantly improved. By week twelve, the skin was also considerably firmer and plumper. In conclusion, the Protocol can reduce the number of wrinkles by 30%  after just 1 month and improve skin firmness by 42% in just 90 days1.  

Participants also completed a questionnaire regarding the looks and feel of their skin, and the tolerability of the programme. 100% reported a significant improvement in skin texture and brightness. 95% of participants reported their skin felt more flexible, and 65% said their skin felt more moisturised. The majority of participants (86.5%) also reported good or very good tolerance.  

Download the clinical study

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1 Pérez Davó, A., Truchuelo, M.T., Vitale, M. and Gonzalez-Castro, J. (2019). Efficacy of an Antiaging Treatment Against Environmental Factors: Deschampsia antarctica Extract and High-tolerance Retinoids Combination. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, [online] 12(7), pp.E65–E70. Available at: 

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