EDAFENCE® revolutionary anti-pollution technology  

Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift



EDAFENCE® is one of the core technologies in ALLSKIN | MED, the clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic skincare range.  

EDAFENCE® Technology is derived from the Antarctic grass, Deschampsia Antarctica, which thrives in incredibly harsh conditions. It is native to Antarctica, one of the most inhospitable areas of the planet. 

EDAFENCE® harnesses the plant’s natural protective mechanism against environmental stressors, including heavy metals, dioxins, and tobacco smoke. It also protects against UVA, UVB and HEV, along with extreme temperatures and free radicals.  

Deschampsia Antarctica7

Most anti-pollution products utilise anti-oxidants to treat the effects of pollution. EDAFENCE® takes things a step further by preventing the cascade of cellular damage and protecting against inflammation, oxidative stress and DNA damage. It does so by inhibiting the Aryl hydrocarbon (AhR) receptor, which is stimulated in the presence of pollution.  

In addition, EDAFENCE® has powerful anti-oxidant activity that’s proven to act on damage caused by pollutants. EDAFENCE® also helps to enhance skin barrier health by stimulating the expression of loricrin, an epidermal structural protein, in the presence of urban pollutants, reinforcing the skin barrier function. 

Clinically-proven benefits 

  • Inhibits the stimulation of the AhR receptor1 
  • Protects against free radical damage2 
  • Protects against damage caused by pollutants, UVA/UVB and high energy visible light including blue light1,2,3,4 
  • Prevents alterations to the epidermis, dermis and dermo-epidermal junction5 
  • Prevents damage to DNA6 
  • Reduces pigmentation5 
  • Strengthens the skin barrier1 
  • Reduces transepidermal water loss5 

Products featuring EDAFENCE® 

ALLSKIN | MED Essential Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Essential Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Advanced Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Advanced Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Ultra Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Ultra Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED R Restore Cream

ALLSKIN | MED Restore Cream

EDAFENCE® is a core technology in the ALLSKIN | MED clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic skincare range. ALLSKIN | MED is researched, developed and manufactured by Cantabria Labs, Spain and bought to you by AESTHETICARE. 

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