Fernblock sun protection technology: taking sun protection to the next level  

Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift

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Fernblock is a patented plant extract that is clinically proven to protect the skin from deep within. It’s one of the core technologies in ALLSKIN | MED the clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic skincare range.  

It is derived from the Central American fern, Polypodium leucotomos, an aquatic plant which developed a natural protective mechanism to survive on land. Fernblock is a supercharged anti-oxidant and is the result of years of research and backed by significant clinical data. 

Fernblock offers multiple levels of protection against the sun, acting on all four types of radiation helping to prevent both immediate and long-term damage, including sunburn, skin ageing, pigmentation and skin cancer.  

Fernblock also protects the skin’s Langerhans cells, which play a vital role in the skin’s immune system. This revolutionary ingredient has also been proven to protect and repair skin cell DNA. Fernblock even helps the filters in the sun protection products to be more effective and can actually increase the level of SPF protection by 13%! 

Clinically-proven benefits

  • Protects against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A1,2 3 
  • Defends Langerhans cells4 
  • Prevents collagen breakdown5 
  • Protects and repairs skin cell DNA6 
  • Prevents sun-induced hyperpigmentation7 
  • Enables SPF filters to work more effectively8 

Products featuring Fernblock

Mineral Fluid SPF50

Mineral Fluid SPF50

ALLSKIN MED SUN Mineral Colour in Beige and Bronze

Mineral Colour SPF50

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