Significantly improve treatment results using SCA PRO growth factors

Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift



Dr Maria and Dr Paris, experts in dermatology research and clinical aesthetics will provide you with the scientific, clinical, and practical information that will inform you on how the use of SCA PRO growth factors in post-procedure dermo-cosmetics can help speed recovery and improve the results of your clinic skin rejuvenation treatments. 

SCA PRO is a core technology in the ALLSKIN | MED clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic skincare range. ALLSKIN | MED is researched, developed and manufactured by Cantabria Labs, Spain and bought to you by AESTHETICARE.  

During this educational webinar you will:  

  • Find out about the scientific and clinical research behind SCA PRO growth factor technology.  
  • Explore SCA PRO containing product formulations and protocols and their use alongside your skin rejuvenations treatments.  
  • Review the clinical data and how the protocols can transform your treatment outcomes. Improving treatment results by up to 50%, and enhancing post-procedure recovery by reducing redness and downtime. 

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Masterclass agenda

The research history and the scientific and clinical evidence supporting SCA PRO growth factors.
SCA PRO growth factors in dermo-cosmetic formulations and their use in clinic protocols for rejuvenation treatment enhancement.
SCA PRO growth factors and skin rejuvenation treatment enhancement: A review of the clinical studies and clinical results.
How SCA PRO growth factors and the other patented and clinically proven dermatological ingredients in the clinic exclusive ALLSKIN|MED range can enhance your clinic.
Q&A session

About Dr Paris

A master in the field of facial aesthetics, Dr Paris comes from a traditional surgical background with doctorates in both medicine and dentistry. Her extensive training in maxillo-facial reconstructive surgery gives her a unique perspective of faces and anatomy making her one of London’s most sought-after practitioners and skin experts in the field.   

Graduating with Honours in Dentistry from Bart’s & The London University of London, as well as a doctorate in Medicine at The University of Birmingham.  She complimented her dual-certifications with postgraduate training in Dentistry and Surgery and completed diplomas at the infamous Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.  Dr Paris has worked in the capacity of a maxillofacial surgeon for over 10 years with the latter years being focused on oral, orthognathic, and skin cancer surgery. She has now made a name for herself as one of London’s most in-demand aesthetic practitioners.  

Dr Parisha Acharya (Dr Paris) BDS (HONS) MFDS RCS (Ed) MBChB UK Ambassador for ALLSKIN | MED and resident doctor at Waterhouse Young Clinic, London. 

About Dr Maria

María Vitale-Villarejo, M.D. is currently Medical Manager Dermatology at Cantabria Labs, a Spanish-based pharmaceutical company specialized in dermatology and medical nutrition.  

Graduate in Dermatology from the University of Buenos Aires and trained in the Dermatology Department of the University Clinic Hospital of Buenos Aires, she also participated in internships at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic of Florida. She is the author of numerous publications and is a regular speaker at international dermatology and medical congresses, specialising photoprotection and photoaging. Dr. Vitale-Villarejo is a member of the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology, SAD (Argentina Dermatology Society) and SOCS (Skin of Color Society). 

Dr. María Vitale-Villarejo, M.D. Dermatologist. Medical Director of Dermatology at Cantabria Labs, Spain. 

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