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Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift



Patented technologies, the most sought-after ingredients in dermatology and significant clinical data mean ALLSKIN | MED skincare will bring something different to your clinic with results your clients will love. 

We asked some of our fantastic ALLSKIN | MED Clinics to tell us their “Hero Products” from the range, here’s what they had to say: 

“So the growth factor ampoules have been really, really useful. We do a procedure called EndyBleph and it’s fantastic to put on afterwards it’s going to boost your results and also reduce the down time and redness from the procedure so our patients love it.” 
Nichola Maasdorp – No4 Clinic, Elgin 

“My personal favourite product is the vitamin C serum. If I’m looking tired it gives me that instant glow.” 
Brigid Hull – Sessions Spa, Beverley 

“If you asked me what my favourite ALLSKIN | MED product was I think I’d really struggle actually I’ve got three favourites. So the Radiance Gel, which is the vitamin C, obviously I use that one in the morning that’s like super silky and lovely. The Firming Serum which is all of my growth factors really love the Firming Serum. And my third one would be the Restore Cream which is a super hydrator it’s got retinol in it and niacinamide and that feels lovely too so they’d be my top three I wouldn’t be able to give you one.” 
Anna Miller – Waterhouse Young Clinic, London 

Created by skin experts for skin experts. ALLSKIN | MED has been developed by Cantabria Labs, global dermatology company and creator of Heliocare, driven by years of research, development and clinical data. 

Available exclusively from professional skin clinics, ALLSKIN | MED enables you to create bespoke, straightforward regimes that deliver results. The products and patented technologies work in perfect synergy with in-clinic treatments to enhance the results you achieve and reduce downtime.   

Expect more from your skincare 

Find out more about the incredible ALLSKIN | MED range and register for one of our Introductory webinars by following the link below. 

These sessions are perfect for professional skin clinics who are new to the ALLSKIN | MED brand, looking to learn more about this incredible professional anti-aging skincare range and how to become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner Clinic. 

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