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AESTHETICARE is to increase the focus of its portfolio on the advanced dermo-cosmetic brands from Cantabria Labs, Spain; the leading international dermatology company dedicated to dermatological research and innovation. 

Cantabria Labs deliver outstanding, patented skincare technologies, formulations and products, helping dermatologists, healthcare professionals, skin professionals and consumers improve skin health, appearance, and wellbeing.   

Cantabria Labs and AESTHETICARE have been trusted partners in the UK for over 14 years and this increased focus will ensure aesthetic clinics and their clients gain the full benefits of the Cantabria Labs research and development, now and in the years to come.    

The AESTHETICARE advanced skincare portfolio covers the full spectrum of skin ageing and health issues that your clients consult you about. With the key brands and product ranges summarised below we can help you prevent, treat, and correct these holistically and in synergy with your skin treatments.   

The AESTHETICARE portfolio 


The award-winning sun protection dermatology range, featuring the unique and patented Fernblock technology. 

Heliocare provides the most advanced daily protection against daylight, while also helping to improve the health of the skin. Every product in the range provides high-level SPF with broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A. 

Heliocare also protects skin health from within and is clinically proven to help protect the skin immune system1, deliver advanced anti-oxidant activity2, prevent hyperpigmentation3, support DNA protection and repair4 and prevent photo-ageing5

In addition, Heliocare takes further steps to enhance skin health and appearance by providing additional correction and care for the sun damage associated conditions of pigmentation, redness and actinic keratoses. 


Exceptional dermo-cosmetic skincare available exclusively to professional skin clinics. The ALLSKIN | MED range is centred around the most effective technologies in dermatology treating from cell to surface, delivering optimum results for your clients. 

With patented technologies and advanced formulations, ALLSKIN | MED products and skincare regimes significantly enhance skin health, beauty and the results of aesthetic treatments. Combine our patented growth factor technology with any rejuvenation treatment to help reduce redness immediately after treatment6. accelerate skin recovery7,8 and enhance treatment results7,8

In 2023 the portfolio will expand into the high potential haircare and hair loss sector; these products will also be exclusive to professional clinics.  


Innovative, clinically proven skincare that’s specifically formulated to purify, treat, and care for oily and spot-prone skin.  

Biretix offers a holistic skincare solution that significantly clarifies the skin in just 30 days reducing blemishes, redness, oil and shine for incredible results without irritation.9.10 Its unique technologies and formulations not only rapidly reduce blemishes, but help to prevent and reduce pigmentation and scarring, restore and protect the skin’s barrier, and maintain skin health preventing future breakouts.  

The AESTHETICARE advanced skincare portfolio covers the full spectrum of skin ageing and health issues that your clients consult you about. It can help you prevent, treat, and correct these holistically and in synergy with your skin treatments.   

Working in partnership with AESTHETICARE 

Our passion is working in partnership with aesthetic skin clinics providing high level training, education, promotional, marketing and customer service support, helping you deliver the best service and results to your clients.  We love working with our skin clinic partners and our goal is for you to love working with us too!   

Partnership means providing the best service and support possible for the brands that you stock.   

The partnership service focuses on the key pillars of training, marketing campaigns, masterclass education and marketing support. 


The AESTHETICARE training and education team will provide your clinic with the core scientific and clinical brand knowledge your team need to confidently promote and recommend the partner brands and product ranges in clinic. Our partner training will motivate and empower you and your team, so you can deliver outstanding results and service for your patients and clients.  

Marketing campaigns

The AESTHETICARE marketing campaigns are designed to promote the brands to raise awareness and help generate new custom for your business. With exciting campaign messaging, focused on specific products, regimes and indications, accompanied by dynamic merchandising and digital support materials, we provide you with the tools you need to successfully implement the campaign within your clinic.  New campaigns and regular campaign updates are introduced throughout the calendar year to help keep your clients and you engaged so you can achieve consistently great results year-after-year!   

Masterclass education

The masterclass presentations and sessions will provide you with the educational information and materials you need to help support your implementation of the brand campaigns. For example, a masterclass may feature education around specific indications, hero products, and skincare routines to give your team the information they need to excite your clients and make the campaign a success in your clinic. Plus, there will be masterclass sessions that dive even deeper into the science behind key technologies, ingredients, and indications to further enhance your team’s knowledge and results they deliver.   

Marketing support

As an AESTHETICARE partner, you will have access to our brands marketing toolkits. These toolkits contain a whole range of digital marketing materials from logos and product imagery to ready-made social media content and blog posts, helping you promote partner brands and the latest marketing campaigns. In addition, your clinic can bring your brands to life in clinic with merchandising and educational materials.   

Your partnership services will be delivered by the experienced and knowledgeable AESTHETICARE business development, training & education and customer service teams dedicated to the goal of making you love working with us and helping you deliver great results.  

As a partner you will have access to the AESTHETICARE ACADEMY. The academy provides an exclusive partner digital hub that supports the key pillars of your partnership support and provides your clinic team easy access to dynamic information.  

Your partnership services will be supported by the wider company marketing, operational and warehouse and logistic teams and the commitment of Cantabria Labs to our UK community. Everyone shares the passion!  

To find out more about becoming an AESTHETICARE brand partner, explore our portfolio now!

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To discuss how the enhanced focus and support will work for you please contact us and one of the team will be in touch.

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