6 reasons your clients should wear Heliocare 360° everyday this autumn/winter

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Recommending that your clients incorporate sunscreen into their skincare regimes is probably second nature by now, but even the most diligent clients could use a reminder of why it is vital for them to wear it every day – even in the autumn and winter months.  

Light comes in all different forms and when it’s present, there’s the potential to damage our skin. UVB rays may be weaker in the autumn and winter, but other types of light such as UVA, Visible light and Infrared-A are still present and can penetrate deep into the dermis and hypodermis, causing photoageing (premature ageing of the skin caused by sun exposure, including loss of elasticity and firmness, wrinkles, and pigmentation).  

They can also cause damage to our skin’s health, including damage to our skin’s DNA because of free radicals and the process of oxidative stress. It can also compromise our skin’s immune system which can make our skin more prone to damage, infections, and inflammation.  

Heliocare 360°: It’s an everyday thing. 

This is where Heliocare 360° comes in. Led by science, with unique ingredients developed by dermatologists and backed by over 80 clinical studies, Heliocare 360° is an award-winning sun protection range designed to provide skin with the very best daily defence against the sun and daylight. 

All Heliocare 360° products provide full-spectrum protection against UVB, UVA, visible light, and infrared-A, and are packed with additional intelligent ingredients to help boost skin health and prevent photoageing.  

A Heliocare 360° for everyone, for everyday  

Developed by skin experts with the understanding that not one daily sunscreen fits all, Heliocare 360° offers a wide range of daily sunscreens which offer targeted solutions for all skin types.  

With unique formulations designed to help prevent and reduce the symptoms of key skin concerns such as pigmentation, redness, and fine lines and wrinkles, as well as products that combine the benefits of full-spectrum daylight protection and foundation coverage, there’s a Heliocare 360° for everyone that walks through your clinic door. 

Heliocare 360°s range of daily sunscreens are specifically formulated for everyday wear. They’re light enough to wear every day alongside the rest of your skincare routine, under or without make up and they are non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.  

But why is full-spectrum protection necessary in the autumn and winter? Let’s take a look at six reasons why your clients need an everyday sunscreen habit, regardless of the season. 

1. Because UVA is present all year round

UVA rays are responsible for 85% of premature skin ageing. They make up 95% of rays emitted from the sun and have long wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin. Exposure to UVA damages the collagen and elastin in the skin, leading to a loss of volume and elasticity, which causes fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. UVA also stimulates the production of free radicals causing oxidative stress and damage to our skin’s DNA. And because it can penetrate cloud and glass, we need to protect our skin from it even when we’re inside and in places with no visible sun. 

2. Because visible light is everywhere 

Visible light is any light that can be detected by the human eye, so it includes blue light from digital devices as well as sunlight. It is capable of penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin and cause inflammation and pigmentation.  

And when visible light is combined with UVA exposure, it can cause even greater pigmentation development. In fact, 79% of skin damage resulting from free radicals is caused by a combination of UVA and visible light. 

3. Because infrared-A contributes towards photoageing  

Infrared-A is the type of solar radiation that we feel as heat. It can penetrate all the way into the hypodermis, resulting in reddening, erythema and damage that contributes towards photoageing. 

One-third of solar radiation reaching the skin comes from infrared-A, bringing collagen loss, free radical damage, and disruption to the skin’s natural immunity. 

4. For the benefits of Fernblock® Technology  

Only 5% of free radicals come from UVB rays, so free radical damage is just as much of a concern in winter as in summer. Fernblock® is Heliocare’s exclusive ingredient that takes skin protection to the next level.  

It’s a supercharged antioxidant, that harnesses natural plant power to help defend the skin against free radical damage caused by exposure to UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A. Fernblock® is a patented extract from a tropical fern that grows in Central and South America. Originally an aquatic plant, this fern evolved to thrive on land, developing natural antioxidant defences against daylight. 

Fernblock® is the result of years of scientific research and its multiple benefits have been demonstrated in over 80 clinical studies and scientific publications. It has been clinically proven to help: 

  • Protect the skin against damage caused by UVA, UVB, Visible Light & Infrared-A1,2,3 
  • Neutralise free radicals1,3 
  • Protect and repair skin cell DNA4 
  • Prevent light induced pigmentation5 
  • Protect the skin’s immune system5 
  • Prevent collagen breakdown2 

5. For additional antioxidant protection 

Heliocare 360º daily sunscreens all contain additional added antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E and Green Tea extract further help to neutralise free radicals, meanwhile added DNA repair enzymes work to repair damage to your skin cell’s DNA caused by exposure to daylight. 

You’ll also find additional ingredients in each unique product in the range to help improve specific skin concerns, from hydrators and soothers to specialist formulas to combat oily skin, redness, pigmentation, ageing, and more. 

6. Because more fractional and ablative treatments are performed in the autumn and winter 

Many skincare professionals avoid performing fractional and ablative laser treatments in the summer, because of the extra precautions needed to protect the skin against sun exposure post-procedure. These treatments expose the epidermis and also increase sensitivity generally. The combination of higher concentrations of UVB rays, warmer weather and summer holidays makes it difficult for clients to do what is necessary to avoid serious sun damage.  

Ablative treatments require at least a week of zero sun exposure, and lots of precaution in the weeks that follow. Performing these treatments later in the year makes it easier for clients to avoid damaging their newly sensitive skin – but that doesn’t mean solar radiation isn’t still a threat. Sunscreen must be applied daily – and regularly reapplied – after a laser treatment, regardless of the time of year and the weather. And using Heliocare 360° as their daily sunscreen will give them added regenerative benefits and moisturising ingredients as well. 

Wearing a full-spectrum protection sunscreen daily, no matter the weather or season, is the first step towards preventing premature skin ageing and protecting your skin health. By adding Heliocare to your clients’ regime, you can help to protect your clients’ skin and boost their treatment satisfaction.  

To learn more about the Heliocare 360° range, join us at one of our upcoming ’Introduction to Heliocare’ webinars

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