Scientific Masterclass: The effects of autumn and winter daylight on skin health and skin ageing

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A scientific masterclass with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth

Join Dr Emma Wedgeworth, a Consultant Dermatologist with over 15 years’ experience and a passion for healthy skin, for a masterclass in skin health and photoageing.

Dr Emma will be deep-diving into the clinical data behind daylight and its effects on skin health and skin ageing – with a particular emphasis on the spectrums of light present in the autumn and winter months (UVA, Visible Light and Infrared-A) – and discussing why it’s so important to protect our skin every day, all year round.

We will also take a look at the key benefits, science, and exclusive technologies behind the Heliocare 360° range, demonstrating how and why nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360°.

During this Scientific Masterclass, you will:

Deep-dive into the clinical data behind autumn-winter daylight and its effects on skin health and how it can contribute towards skin ageing
Learn why full-spectrum protection is essential all year round, for optimizing skin health and preventing premature skin ageing
Discover the key benefits and science behind the Heliocare 360° range
Review the key clinical evidence around the supercharged antioxidant Fernblock® – Heliocare’s exclusive ingredient

About Dr Emma Wedgeworth

Dr. Emma Wedgeworth is a London-based Consultant Dermatologist with a passion for healthy skin. She graduated with a first-class degree from Cambridge University and went on to collect numerous prizes at the Imperial College School of Medicine. It was during these years of medical training that she developed a particular interest in skin, which ultimately led her to specialise in clinical dermatology at the world-renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology.

Dr. Emma Wedgeworth now has over 15 years of dermatology experience and works privately from her practice on Harley Street in Central London. Over the past decade, she has published several scientific articles, and has been involved in clinical trials and cutting-edge dermatological research.

Dr Emma has particular interest in sun damage, acne, eczema, and rosacea, and champions a holistic approach to her practice, educating on the importance of lifestyle in helping to keep skin healthy from the inside out.

Dr Emma Wedgeworth
Consultant Dermatologist
MA MBBS FRCP (uk) (Derm) DCH

What’s on the agenda?

A look at the full spectrum of light and how it presents throughout the year
How autumn-winter daylight (UVA, Visible Light, Infrared-A) can impact skin health and contribute towards photoageing – a deep-dive into the clinical data
Why is sunscreen an everyday thing? A review of the clinical evidence to support everyday sunscreen use and a summary of the key factors to consider when choosing a daily sunscreen product
A review of the key benefits and science behind the Heliocare 360° range
An overview of Fernblock Technology® and a look at the key clinical evidence supporting its role in boosting skin health and improving skin’s resistance to sun damage
A look at the Heliocare 360° range and the product indication and patient compatibility recommendations
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