The ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation Plan:
Improve Treatment Results and Reduce Downtime

Centred around the clinically proven SCA PRO® growth factor technology, the ALLSKIN | MED post-procedure protocol with the Regenerating Ampoules followed by the Collagen Activation Plan is proven to provide significant benefits for your patients:

Increase collagen, elastin and HA production
Reduce the area and depth of wrinkles
Rejuvenates senescent skin cells
Reduce redness post-procedure
Reduce downtime
Improve treatment results

Designed for use alongside any in-clinic rejuvenation treatment such as ablative and non-ablative CO2 laser, radiofrequency treatments,  IPL, microneedling, peels and LED phototherapy. Studies show using the plan can improve the efficacy of treatments in relation to wrinkle reduction by up to 50%.

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Backed by science

SCA PRO®, is a patented extract from the purified secretion of the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa, featured prominently in ALLSKIN | MED formulations, including the Collagen Activation Plan.

This advanced technology stimulates skin cell growth and repair, enhances cell turnover, and accelerates the natural healing process. Enriched with potent growth factors, antioxidants, proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, and calcium minerals, SCA® PRO promotes brighter, healthier skin by supporting cell proliferation and wound repair while preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL).  

Clinically proven to reduce post-procedure erythema, irritation, and downtime, SCA® PRO is essential for achieving optimal treatment results in advanced skin care. 

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24 Hours after a 25% TCA Peel, the ALLSKIN | MED Regeneration Ampoules were applied to one side of the face immediately post-procedure – photograph courtesy of Dr. Monica Kiripolsky 

See the results

ALLSKIN | MED partners and their patients are seeing fantastic results when incorporating SCA PRO into their treatment plans:

Before and after using the Collagen Activation Plan for 1 week – photographs courtesy of Remedi Medispa

Before and after IPL treatment followed by the Collagen Activation Plan – photographs courtesy of Natalie Marie Beauty Clinic

“It’s going to boost your results and reduce the downtime and redness from the procedure, so our patients love it. My therapist has used it successfully now for about 18 months, so we’ve got proof that it really does work!” Dr Nicola Maasdorp at No4 Clinic
Learn how ALLSKIN | MED can further enhance your clients’ treatment results Tell me more

Straightforward protocol, significant results

By incorporating the Regenerating Ampoules into any treatment post-procedure, you will reduce potential redness and speed up patient recovery and downtime thanks to the restoring properties of SCA PRO. 

You can then prescribe the ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation Plan to further enhance your patient’s treatment results. The is a month-long, home use skincare plan featuring just two products.  

It’s a fantastic addition to any clinic looking to enhance your patient experience, results and satisfaction while introducing them to an clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic range at a price that offers them exceptional value. 

ALLSKIN | MED Regenerating Ampoules

A concentrated booster serum with high levels of growth factors and anti-oxidants to provide dermal regeneration and speed skin recovery.

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The Regenerating Ampoules feature 40% SCA® PRO, plus vitamin C, vitamin E, and a moisturizing complex for instant and long-lasting hydration.  

Ideal for dull, aging, or post-procedure skin, they reduce lines and wrinkles, enhance firmness, and brighten the complexion.  

The advanced formula works immediately post-procedure, with lasting antioxidant and hydrating benefits. 

ALLSKIN | MED Replenishing Cream

A rich, nourishing and soothing cream with powerful growth factors and a skin firming complex to provide skin regeneration.

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The ALLSKIN | MED Replenishing Cream is a rich, soothing formula that hydrates, plumps, and softens skin.  

It features an advanced hydration complex, antioxidants, vitamin E for protection, and calcium and soy protein for firming.  

Suitable for all skin types, it’s ideal for dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin.

“ALLSKIN | MED products and protocols enable us to feel happy and proud within our skin. This is achieved with their patented technologies and the most effective active ingredients in cosmetic dermatology…targeting the specific needs of your clients.” Dr Parisha Acharya BDS (HONS) MFDS RCS (Ed) MBChB – UK Ambassador for ALLSKIN | MED

A must-have for your clinic 

The ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation Plan is the perfect addition for clinics looking to amplify treatment results, enhance the customer experience and boost satisfaction rates.