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In recent years, the knowledge and research around growth factors in skin care has increased tremendously. They are now hailed as one of the most significant ingredients in reducing signs of ageing and creating a brighter, healthier complexion. 

Growth factors are natural proteins or polypeptides within our skin cells. They are produced and distributed by cells including fibroblasts, keratinocytes and melanocytes1. When applied topically, growth factors communicate with other skin cells to increase activity, and repair and regenerate the skin. 

ALLSKIN | MED’s very own patented growth factor technology, SCA® PRO, is a patented extract from the purified secretion of the mollusk (snail) Cryptomphalus aspersa This incredible technology plays a major role in many ALLSKIN | MED formulations and regimes, including our Collagen Activation Plan.

The Collagen Activation Plan

Our clinically proven, expert-led Collagen Activation Plan is a professional and home-use skin care programme that has been carefully designed for clients undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments in-clinic. These treatments include Co2 laser, IPL, injectables, Microneedling, HydraFacial and much more. 

The Collagen Activation Plan is clinically proven to:

Increase collagen, elastin and HA production.
Reduce the area and depth of wrinkles​
Rejuvenates senescent skin cells
Reduce redness post-procedure
Reduce downtime
Improve treatment results

The power of SCA® PRO Growth Factor Technology

What makes the Collagen Activation Plan so powerful and effective is the presence of SCA® PRO Growth Factor Technology. These growth factors offer a whole host of benefits to skin health, such as healing wounds, improving firmness and elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Science

SCA® PRO is a patented extract from the purified secretion of the mollusk (snail) Cryptomphalus aspersa. It contains a potent growth factor complex that stimulates skin cell growth and repair, along with collagenase to improve skin cell turnover and speed up the natural healing process. Additional anti-oxidants make for brighter, healthier skin, while powerful proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans promote cell growth, cell proliferation and wound repair. Furthermore, minerals of calcium replenish the skin’s barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 

SCA® PRO is clinically proven to reduce post-procedure erythema and irritation. They also reduce the overall downtime following a procedure, as well as improving the final treatment results. It is a truly incredible technology, and a must-have for both clients and clinics who are exploring and delivering advanced skin treatments.  

Clinical Studies

The secretion of C aspersa, SCA®, is now considered one of the most powerful and effective ingredients in skin rejuvenation, noted by over twenty scientific publications. Findings include a considerable increase in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production2 3 4 5, leading to brighter, firmer and more flexible skin, with reduced wrinkle depth.  

Studies also found a significant decrease in erythema and burning after a procedure6. This considerable reduction in post-treatment symptoms is owed to the powerful anti-oxidant activity, which halts the reactive oxygen species that cause an inflammatory response. This helps to reduce swelling (edema), redness (erythema) and burning sensations. 

Furthermore, recovery post-procedure is accelerated when SCA® is used, as it stimulates the migration of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, speeding up the natural healing process. A significant reduction in TEWL7 also helps recovery, as the skin is more hydrated. 

Clinical Studies were carried out to see the significance of using SCA PRO post non-ablative and ablative fractional laser and find out what impact it would have. 

Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

A cosmetic treatment based on the secretion of ​C Aspersa 40% (SCA PRO) and how it improves clinical results after the use of non-ablative fractional laser in skin ageing. 7 

The study was a randomized, double-blind trial in 20 patients with moderate signs of ageing. 2 sessions of fractional non-ablative laser were performed with ​SCA 40% on one hemiface and a vehicle on the other, applied immediately after each laser session and daily for 28 days. 

After 28 days, the side treated with SCA PRO showed significantly greater improvement in elasticity vs vehicle (p=0,037). In addition, 90% of patients on the side treated with SCA PRO showed a reduction of wrinkles versus 65% of patients on the side treated with vehicle (p=0,04)​. 

Post-laser side effects (erythema & burning sensation) decreased significantly faster on the side treated with SCA PRO vs vehicle, 24 hours after the procedure. After the second laser session, erythema disappeared significantly faster on the side treated with SCA PRO, suggesting that continuous use of SCA PRO leads to progressively greater efficacy and tolerance​.

Ablative Fractional Laser

A cosmetic treatment based on the secretion of ​C Aspersa 40% (SCA PRO) and how it improves clinical results after the use of ablative fractional laser in skin ageing.7 

A prospective double-blind study with vehicle in 10 patients with clinical evidence of skin ageing​. Patients received one session of fractional ablative CO2 laser​ with SCA 40% applied immediately post treatment and for 21-days after. ​ The active treatment (SCA) was applied to one hemifacial area and vehicle to the other. 

Cutaneous healing on the side treated with SCA PRO was significantly greater than the vehicle-treated side after just 7 days. ​ 

Reduction in microcolumn density on the side treated with SCA PRO was 83% greater than that on the hemiface treated with vehicle (p=0.04).

The hemiface treated with SCA PRO showed a significantly greater reduction in erythema (T3, T7, T21); burning (T3, T7) and tightness (T3, T7) vs hemiface treated with vehicle (p <0.05).

Skin barrier function, measured by the reduction of transepidermal water loss using Tewameter®, was significantly greater on the hemiface treated with SCA PRO at T3 and T7 (p < 0.05).

ALLSKIN | MED’s Collagen Activation Products

Regenerating Ampoules

The incredible Regenerating Ampoules feature the most potent levels of SCA® PRO at 40% within a lightweight serum. Other ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin E and a moisturising active complex for both instant and long-lasting hydration. The ampoules are designed specifically for dull, lax or ageing skin, along with post-procedure skin recovery. 

The sophisticated formulation allows for use immediately after a procedure, working in synergy with in-clinic treatments for a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles, improved skin firmness and a brighter complexion. The health boosting anti-oxidants and hydrators that continue to nourish the skin long after the treatment is completed.  

Replenishing Cream

The ALLSKIN | MED Replenishing Cream is a rich and soothing formulation that leaves the skin feeling plump, hydrated and soft. Its advanced hydration complex and anti-oxidant activity provide a gorgeous boost to skin health, while vitamin E protects against free radical damage, and calcium and soy protein offer skin firming activity.  

Packed with more patented growth factors, the Replenishing Cream is suited to all skin types, including dry, dehydrated and irritated skin.  

A must-have for your clinic

The ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation Plan is the perfect addition for clinics looking to amplify treatment results, enhance the customer experience and boost satisfaction rates.  

Join our ALLSKIN | MED Collagen Activation Introductory Webinar to find out more about the technologies behind this plan and receive a FREE 10-day supply sample bundle of the Collagen Activation Plan to try for yourself.


T&C’s – Sample bundle will be sent after the webinar has been completed and attendance confirmed.

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