Introducing Heliocare 360° Color Water Gel

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The latest addition to the Heliocare 360° Color range combines advanced skin protection, foundation coverage and intense hydration in one, multi-functional product – Introducing the Heliocare 360° Color Water Gel!

Heliocare 360° Color Water Gel in Beige and Bronze

High-level, broad-spectrum protection

Every Heliocare product provides high-level, broad-spectrum protection and the Water Gel Colors are no exception. With SPF50+ and PA++++ you’ll be giving you & your clients skin the best protection against UVB and UVA rays emitted from the sun.  

UVA, or ultraviolet A, is largely responsible for premature skin ageing, as it causes damage to collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in loss of firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles. They also dehydrate the skin and stimulate the production of free radicals, leading to oxidative stress and damage to the skin’s DNA. UVA makes up approximately 95% of UV rays,and contributes to approximately 85% of premature skin ageing – and it is present all year round! 

UVB, or ultraviolet B, is the UV radiation that causes sunburn and is mainly present in the summer months. In addition to the more immediate problems of sunburn and skin thickening, UVB exposure can lead to skin diseases such as actinic keratosis, and in worst-case scenarios skin cancer. 

So, in summary, applying a broad-spectrum protection sunscreen daily is a must for those wanting to keep their skin healthy and prevent premature ageing. 

Beyond sunscreen: HEVL, IR-A and antioxidant defence

Fernblock® is a powerful antioxidant technology that’s exclusive to Cantabria Labs (the makers of Heliocare) and is the key ingredient in every Heliocare product. This unique ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that specifically helps to prevent damage caused by the sun offering extra protection against free radical damage caused by UVA and UVB1,2 as well as visible light (HEVL) and Infrared-A (IR-A)3 which contributes to DNA damage, pigmentation and photoageing. By neutralising free radicals and minimising the damage that they can cause, Fernblock backs up the activity of the sun filters used at the skin’s surface to protect your skin and its key functions.  

As well as neutralising free radicals Fernblock is also proven to help prevent collagen breakdown2 and hyperpigmentation4, protect your skin’s immune system4 and cell DNA5

Intense hydration, foundation coverage

The Heliocare 360° Color Water Gels have been specifically designed for normal, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Its innovative formula features an advanced hydration system containing hyaluronic acid that provides both immediate and long-lasting hydration, while a ‘second-skin’ helps to maintain the water levels within the skin. 

This clever hydration system uses advanced ingredients and technologies, so while your skin is being quenched, there’s no residue left on the skin for a barely-there satin finish. Currently available in beige and bronze, the Heliocare 360° Color Water Gels provide natural-looking, medium coverage that can easily replace your patients daily foundation. 

The beige and bronze shades of the Heliocare 360° Color Water Gel

Who is it suitable for?

Heliocare 360° Color Water Gels have been designed to help reduce the number of steps in your morning routine and are therefore perfect for those patients who are short on time or want to reduce the number of steps in their skincare routine. If you have a patient who is not someone who wears foundation every day, the Heliocare 360° Water Gel is great for those makeup-free days, with the same hydrating formula with an invisible finish. 

The Heliocare 360° Color Water Gel formulations have been created for those with normal, dry, dehydrated. Dermatologically tested, it is also suitable for those with sensitive skin and for use around sensitive eyes.

Why not take a look at our exclusive launch bundle where you can try both the original, best-selling Water Gel formula as well as the brand-new Color formulations. The perfect offering so your clients can choose their desired finish. Save 20% with this limited time offer.

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