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Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift

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With Eve Whiting, ALLSKIN | MED Specialist and Beauty Therapist at Suffolk Medical & Beauty Clinic 

ALLSKIN | MED is an exceptional, clinically proven skincare range available exclusively through professional skin clinics.  

Eve, a Beauty Therapist at Suffolk Medical & Beauty Clinic, shares with us why she loves the brand and how she shares that love with her clients. 

We’ve been working with ALLSKIN | MED products in the clinic for a year now, and it is just fantastic – easy to use, scientifically proven, and it gets results. The feedback we get from clients is so positive. Here’s how we sell them on the benefits. 

It’s versatile 

It’s nice to talk about it with other therapists I’ve worked with before, because some of them have never heard of ALLSKIN | MED. They can get stuck in the spa ranges, and there’s not many clinical ranges out there for use by therapists. It’s a clinical range, so it is going to be a bit more potent, it’s not going to be like a spa range; these are treatment-based products. 

The AHA serum is my favourite product – it was a real game changer for me, personally, but the vitamin C gel is great for brightening and tightening, and the growth factor cream is fantastic as well, especially for our older clients, because it gives them that plumping effect without more in-depth treatment if that’s not what they need or want. The retinols are really good as well – the entire range really! 

It is a skincare brand you can fit to almost all of your clients, and I especially like the fact that you can mix and match to tailor-make your treatments. And it’s great that it can work with other brands. Some of my clients do spend money on other ranges, and it’s nice to be able to say, “This is a leading skincare range by Aestheticare, they are a leading UK brand. It’s balanced to the pH scale; it won’t upset anything.” Some brands say you can only use our cleanser, our toner, our exfoliant, because if not, it’s going to set off a massive chain reaction. And that scares people. They get confused and think they can’t switch over, but it just takes one or two products and then they’re hooked on ALLSKIN | MED, because they see the results. 

Honesty is the best policy 

Here at the Suffolk Medical and Beauty Clinic we use ALLSKIN | MED products as part of our treatments. If I know there’s a specific issue that they’d like to address, I’ll use a product from ALLSKIN | MED to address that and point it out as I apply it. And I’m very honest with the expectations of the product – it is something you have to purchase to see the results, it is something that you have to use twice a day, etc. It’s having that understanding with the client, that they need to also put in some effort at home. It’s a lifestyle decision, like a diet – it’s 80% diet, 20% gym. I always explain it like that – it’s 80% you having a skincare regime, 20% you coming into me and we’ll do the advanced facials.  

I also sell it on being a self-care benefit. It’s amazing that women do so much running around for family, for friends, and they don’t take that time for themselves. When they come in we can sit down, relax, we can figure it out.  A good skincare regime doesn’t have to take up lots of their time! I’ve done a video on our Instagram of a 5-step, 5-product morning routine, and it’s just 3 minutes long. We had great feedback from clients who said, I never thought about it before, I thought I had to sit down and take all this time – but it’s so quick and easy! 

Use the marketing tools 

The samples are amazing because we can put them in a little bundle pack and send people home with a week’s worth, two weeks. They go home and incorporate it into their routine with those brands they already have, and they’re seeing better results than with their usual brand. I can slip it into their routine and that introduction gets them on board. And then we can add more in each time. I don’t give them away too freely but I think it’s a powerful message – have this, see how you feel, and 90% of the time clients do come back to me and say, I loved it. I want to purchase it. It also adds value that ASM is not available online, but in clinic only following a consultation with me. I can really take the time then to target the right treatment regime for the client. It is great to be able to give that personal touch.  

At the end of every facial, I talk them through the ALLSKIN | MED regime card – it is an excellent tool for putting forward products that I think they could use in their routine without being too forceful. I can jot that down and they’ll have it in their bag. Someone might ask them about it, and that’s how then they’ll begin talking about with their friends. So I do think it’s a great way of putting your name out there as a brand.  

Personalise their care 

I like to be led by the client instead of assuming they’ve come to me for a certain thing. I always give them my contact details in case they have questions. I’ve had clients in the past who have so many products and they just don’t know what to use. It’s a complicated world out there with skincare, figuring out how to put everything together without spending a pretty penny. And that’s on people’s minds at the moment. 

I also always tell people they are welcome to bring in their current skincare products. If they’ve got a certain thing that they’re aiming for – their pores, sun damage, they’re just looking for that extra boost – with ALLSKIN | MED it’s nice to be able to add a product into their current routine, like the retinols in the evening. 

Simplicity is key  

The thing that I love about ALLSKIN | MED is that the regime is so easy to put together, so it’s simple to swap and change, how much you’re using and how little you’re using as well. 

It’s a simple scientific routine that is proven to work, and I’ve seen it work. I’ve got pictures of clients who come in with sensitive red faces and they’re completely clear now. And they say, it’s because you’ve put me on this routine. It works, it’s professional, and it’s clean. Clean packaging, simple steps, it makes sense to therapists and to users, and together you can create a good balance of both at-home and clinical care. 

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