The ALLSKIN | MED Complexion Perfector Plan: A Treatment Enhancement Plan for brighter skin

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The Complexion Perfector Plan from ALLSKIN | MED is more than a skincare regimen – it’s a strategic approach to post-treatment care. Created to seamlessly follow clinical skin procedures, this 28-day plan is meticulously designed to harness and amplify the benefits of professional treatments. By integrating this Treatment Enhancement Plan into your clinic’s offerings, you’re providing your clients with an opportunity to lessen downtime post-procedure and maximise their treatment results.

Some clients find it difficult to commit to an at-home programme. Bundling the products into a plan that is simple to adopt into people’s daily routine helps maximise the results of treatment and improve customer satisfaction.

Designed to even skin tone and smooth texture, this 28-day regime can awaken your clients’ complexions and brighten their skin in as little as 15 days¹.

The information below will introduce you to the core technologies at the heart of the plan, who the plan is for and how to use the products.

Core technologies and ingredients

The plan capitalises on three of ALLSKIN | MED’s core technologies: the radiance-boosting effects of 15% stabilized Vitamin C, the potency of 20% SCA Pro Growth Factor technology and the skin-renewing benefits of its AHA complex. When combined, they will improve skin radiance while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

  • Potent and stabilized vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant known to fight free radical damage, protect from environmental stress factors, reduce discolouration and even skin tone.
  • SCA Pro Growth Factor technology2,3,4,5: Clinically proven to increase collagen production, reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier skin while improving treatment results.
  • AHA complex: Combining Glycolic, Citric, Lactic and Shikimic acid in both immediate and gradual release to minimize any irritation, this powerful cocktail encourages exfoliation and promotes healthy renewal to improve skin texture leave skin fresh, polished and radiant.
  • Niacinamide: A great anti-inflammatory that can also strengthen the skin barrier and brighten the complexion. 
  • Hyaluronic acid: By delivering the hyaluronic acid in high and low molecular weight, the plan provides immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Who is it for?

This is the ideal plan for clients concerned about dull skin, uneven complexion or discolouration. The exfoliating ingredients, combined with intense hydration, will smooth out the skin and improve texture. It is also recommended for those worried about early a signs of ageing such as find lines and wrinkles.

Its brightening and perfecting proprieties, and the speed at which it starts to work, make it a uniquely tailored option for anyone with an upcoming special occasion or event, as the plan will help to maximise results and add radiance to their complexion.

What treatments does it complement?

This Treatment Enhancement Plan works well with any procedure in which your clients are looking to improve skin texture and tone, and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It could be paired with any number of procedures, such as:

Advanced facials
Skin peels
WOW Fusion
Skin Boosters/Profhilo

The Complexion Perfector Plan uses three powerful ALLSKIN | MED Products

ALLSKIN | MED AHA Retexturising Serum

Retexturising Serum

This retexturising and smoothing serum delivers a high concentration of AHAs via a gradual release system to enable maximum exfoliation with minimal irritation. It contains additional skin hydrators and soothing ingredients to further calm the skin as well as vitamins A, C and E help to neutralize free radical damage.

ALLSKIN | MED C Brightening Ampoules

Brightening Ampoules

The ampoules contain a high-intensity booster serum with tons of vitamin C to brighten and purify the complexion, while SCA Pro growth factors kick-start the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin to smooth lines and wrinkles. Additional anti-oxidants also act to protect and improve skin health.

ALLSKIN | MED C Radiance Gel

Radiance Gel

An ultra-light, barely-there hydrating gel with a silky smooth texture that contains a cocktail of protective and brightening antioxidants, plus regenerative growth factors that work at a dermal level to improve the skin’s structure.

Post-treatment results: Enhancing client satisfaction

Incorporating the Complexion Perfector Plan into your clinic’s offerings promises an array of benefits:

  • Radiant skin: Clients will experience a luminous, glowing complexion that exudes vitality.
  • Visible wrinkle reduction: Fine lines and wrinkles will become less prominent, offering clients smoother, more youthful-looking skin.
  • Improved skin texture: Promoting exfoliation and healthy renewal will improve skin texture and leave skin fresh, polished and radiant.

Before & after using one Brightening Ampoule a day for 28 days 

Before & after using one Brightening Ampoule a day for 28 days 

A simple routine

It’s easy for clients to work the Complexion Perfector Plan into their daily routine – just three products and a few minutes per day is all they need. For the best results, you’ll want to encourage them to stick to the twice-a-day routine for the full 28 days.


Always start with freshly cleansed skin. Open the Brightening Ampoule and apply half of the product to your face and neck, patting it in gently.

Save the rest of the ampoule serum for the evening – there is a cap to keep it closed.

Once the skin has absorbed the serum, apply 2-3 pumps of the Radiance Gel, again making sure to cover all of the face and neck. Follow the plan by applying a broad-spectrum SPF – it’s not part of the plan, but is essential for protecting the newly revealed skin layers post-treatment. The ALLSKIN | MED product range includes two 100% mineral sunscreens that deliver broad-spectrum coverage with patented Fernblock sun protection technology and are great option for sensitive skin.


Apply the second half of the Brightening Ampoule from the morning, followed by another 2-3 pumps of the Radiance Gel. 

In the evenings, there is an extra step that should be added in twice a week, but only after any redness from the treatment has subsided. After cleansing, but before the Brightening Ampoule, apply 2-3 pumps of the Retexturising Serum and wait about two minutes for it to absorb. Then proceed with the Brightening Ampoule and Radiance Gel as usual. Clients may experience a mild tingling sensation after the first few applications, but it should pass as their skin adjusts.

Whether your clients are aiming for radiant skin or an even skin tone, the ALLSKIN | MED Complexion Perfector Plan will help them get results and make the most of the benefits of their procedure. It’s a tailored Treatment Enhancement Plan that complements their journey toward healthier, more vibrant skin.

Enhance your clinic’s offering

By recommending a Treatment Enhancement Plan as part of your home-care offering, you are ensuring that your clients receive a 360-treatment experience with simple, effective, and results-driven products that will ensure client satisfaction & results. Whether it’s the Complexion Perfector Plan, the Moisture Firm Plan, or the Collagen Activation Plan, ALLSKIN | MED is your partner in clinically proven results that will support your in-clinic treatments.

Become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner

Our Introduction to ALLSKIN | MED webinars are perfect for professional skin clinics who are new to the ALLSKIN | MED brand, looking to learn more about this incredible professional anti-aging skincare range and how to become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner Clinic.


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