Why is Treatment Enhancement so important post procedure?

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The ALLSKIN | MED Treatment Enhancement range is more than our at-home plans.

Centred around the clinically proven SCA PRO Growth Factor technology, the ALLSKIN | MED Post-procedure protocol is clinically proven to provide significant benefits for your clients specifically reducing redness immediately post procedure, accelerating skin recovery and enhancing the results of rejuvenating skin treatments. Studies have shown that it can improve the efficacy of treatments in relation to wrinkle reduction by 50%!1

Enhance treatment results & accelerate skin recovery

By incorporating the GF ampoules & mask into any treatment post-procedure, you will reduce potential redness and speed up client recovery and downtime thanks to the regenerating properties of SCA Pro.

To further improve results, you will then be able to recommend from our selection of 3 home-care treatment enhancement plans based on which treatment was performed, your client’s skin/skincare goals & indications.

Growth factor activity immediately post-procedure is clinically proven to:

By stimulating the migration of fibroblasts and keratinocytes—key cells involved in tissue regeneration—SCA PRO plays a pivotal role in the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid (HA), and fibronectin, speeding up the skin’s natural wound healing response.

24 hours after using 25% TCA Peel and applying 40% SCA to one side of the face

The image above shows the results of a client who had an ALLSKIN | MED GF Regenerating Ampoule applied to one side of face immediately post procedure. After 24 hours, the skin showed significant reduction in redness, burning sensation and dryness.

What is the ALLSKIN | MED post-procedure protocol?

ALLSKIN | MED GF Regenerating Ampoules

ALLSKIN | MED Regenerating Ampoules

With potent levels of SCA PRO (40%), the ampoules reduce redness immediately post procedure and downtime in the following days.

ALLSKIN | MED Repairing Treatment Mask

A repairing, soothing and comforting mask for delicate and compromised skin post-procedure (non-ablative only).

Step 1:
Regenerating Ampoule SCA PRO 40% applied immediately after treatment

Step 2:
Apply a generous layer (8-10 pumps) of the Repairing Treatment Mask over the face and neck. Allow to absorb, or massage to increase penetration. Remove excess residue if required.  (Non-ablative treatments only).

Step 3:
To further improve results, you will then be able to recommend from our selection of 3 home-care treatment enhancement plans based on which treatment was performed, your client’s skin/skincare goals & indications.

Collagen Activation Plan

Moisture Firm Plan

Complexion Perfector Plan

A complete 360-treatment experience

By offering the full ALLSKIN | MED Treatment Enhancement experience you are ensuring results from beyond the clinic:

Extended results – Treatment enhancement helps to prolong the positive effects of in-clinic treatments
Optimal healing – Proper aftercare both in-clinic & at home will speed up recovery & reduce downtime
Enhanced efficacy – Using treatment enhancements as part of your offering can amplify the results of your in-clinic procedures and improve outcomes
Cost-effective – By maintaining and enhancing the results of their treatments, clients will get the most out of each visit, optimising the value of every treatment
Personalised care – The treatment enhancement plans are recommended and tailored to each clients indication and skin concern to ensure they are getting the most suitable care post-treatment
Routine reinforcement – A treatment enhancement plan helps establish a consistent skincare routine, ensuring long-term habits and therefore results.

Expect more from your skincare

ALLSKIN | MED has been developed by Cantabria Labs, experts in dermatology and creators of Heliocare, driven by years of research, development and clinical data to bring you the best products. 

Shaped by science, ALLSKIN | MED is centred around patented, innovative technologies and the most in demand ingredients in dermatology to deliver significant, clinically proven results.  

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1 Truchuelo MT, et al. A cosmetic treatment based on the secretion of Cryptomphalus aspersa 40% improves the clinical results after the use of nonablative fractional laser in skin aging. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2020;19(3):622-8.
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3 Sisto T, Bussoletti C, Celleno L. Half-face evaluation of regenerative and reparative properties of a serum containing the secret of Cryptomphalus aspersa 15% (SCA) versus placebo, in two groups of patients with acne and photoaging treated with chemical peeling. Esperienze dermatologiche-Dermatological experiences. 2013;15. 

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