What is Biretix skincare and how does it work?

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Biretix is an innovative, clinically proven skincare range that’s dedicated to, and specifically formulated for, oily and spot-prone skin. From the international dermatology company, Cantabria Labs, the Biretix product range features active technologies and ingredients in unique formulations, to rapidly clarify the skin, reducing blemishes, redness and shine, without irritation.

How Biretix works 

Biretix offers a holistic skincare solution for oily and spot-prone skin with its three product pillars: purify, treat and care.

This approach aims to boost skin health, taking into consideration the key indications and concerns associated with spot-prone skin. It not only rapidly reduces blemishes, but helps to prevent and reduce pigmentation and scarring, restore and protect the skin’s barrier, and maintains skin health, preventing future breakouts.

The hero product of the range, the Biretix Tri-Active gel, is also clinically proven to improve the skin’s texture and elasticity in 30 days, making it perfect for clients with oily and spot-prone skin, who are also starting to see the visible signs of ageing.

Key technologies and ingredients 

Expertly formulated, Biretix strategically combines innovative retinoid and anti-microbial technologies (RetinSphere and BIOPEP-15) with carefully selected active ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide to successfully manage all four key components involved in the development of spots and improve overall skin health.

Its unique products work in perfect synergy to reduce spot-causing bacteria, renew and remove dead skin cells, regulate sebum, and reduce inflammation, all whilst maintaining excellent skin tolerance.

Let’s have a look at some of the key ingredients within the Biretix skincare range in more detail to understand how they can help your clients. 

What do Retinoids do for your skin?

Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A and have many benefits for the skin. They can help to prevent breakouts, speed up the healing process, and promote the skin’s natural immune system and moisturising. It helps to maintain a healthy dermis and epidermis which are the top two layers of the skin. This makes it an essential part of any skin care routine, but especially those who suffer from spots and acne as vitamin A can help speed up the recovery process. 

The top 5 benefits of Retinoids for skin are:

  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin – Retinoids help to stimulate the production of collagen which in time will reduce the number of visible wrinkles and keep the skin’s natural elasticity.
  • Helps with combating acne – Retinoids help acne by renewing skin cells which helps to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cell build up in the skin’s pores. Removing this can prevent the pores from being clogged which will help to reduce spots and prevent development. 
  • Reduces the visibility of acne scars and large pores – Retinoids penetrate deep into the skin which, as mentioned previously, improves the collagen production. Not only can this reduce the appearance of wrinkles but it can lessen the scars left behind from acne, and “shrink” enlarged pores.
  • Reduces sun damage and hyperpigmentation – Retinoids promote skin cell production by exfoliating the dead skin on the surface. This can help to develop a more even skin tone whilst reducing the visibility of hyperpigmentation and age/sun spots.
  • Help to treat skin conditions like psoriasis – Most prescription medications – both topical and oral forms –  used to combat psoriasis and many other skin conditions, contain Retinoids. 

Biretix Retinoid Technology

Biretix uses a patented combination of retinoids that’s exclusive to Cantabria Labs. This is a powerful combination of two high-tolerance retinoids: hydroxypinacolone retinoate and retinol in microspheres for instant and gradual release and maximum skin tolerance. 

Hydroxypinacolone retinoate is unlike typical topical retinoids in the sense that it does not need to be converted by an enzyme conversion process in the skin in order for it to work. It simply binds directly to the retinoic acid receptors in the skin. This results in a high efficacy and minimises the side effects typically caused by typical retinoids such as dryness, redness and irritation.

The retinol encapsulated in microsponges allows for deep penetration with a gradual release of activity for maximum skin tolerance. The structure of the glycosphere themselves helps to stabilise the retinol which in turn prevents oxidation. 

What is BIOPEP-15 and what are the benefits?

BIOPEP-15 is the antimicrobial ingredient in Biretix products. It is a plant based complex containing Oligopeptide-10. This is a short bioactive peptide which consists of fifteen naturally occurring amino acids that provide anti-microbial activity. BIOPEP-15 has clinically proven anti-microbial activity against a wide variety of microorganisms, including 24 strains of P.Acnes – the main bacteria involved in the development of spots. Bacteria have a low probability of developing resistance to BIOPEP-15 and it can even be used against strains that have already developed resistance to antibiotics. 

It works by recognising and binding with the Lipoteichoic Acid (LTA) present on the cell membranes of gram-positive bacteria. Here, it disrupts the cell membrane, leading to osmotic imbalance and cell death. It has targeted delivery to the affected cells only, along with clinical efficacy and high tolerability.

Retinoids in acne treatments

Retinoids are considered by dermatologists as essential in the treatment of acne. This is because it has the ability to break down the old skin cells whilst encouraging the production of new ones. This, along with being able to regulate the amount of keratin the skin produces, can prevent the skin’s pores from being blocked by dead skin cells that stick together. This can reduce the amount of pimples that appear by stopping them from being able to form. Retinoids can also reduce the size and in turn, the productivity of the oil glands on the skin’s surface. This results in less sebum being produced, which means less opportunities for the pores to get clogged with excess acne-causing oil. Retinoids are also good for reducing the visibility of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks that acne can leave behind as it is known to regulate the skin’s tone.

However, Retinoids can also be very drying to the skin and have been known to cause irritation. It also makes skin much more sensitive to the sunlight which makes it even more important to protect it daily with a high skin friendly SPF such as the Heliocare 360° range. 

The Biretix range uses RetinSphere Technology, a patented Retinoid complex exclusive to Cantabria Labs, containing hydroxypinacolone retinoate and retinol encapsulated in micro-sponges for instant and long-lasting release. This innovative and patented duo of retinols ensure maximum efficacy with minimal irritation. 

What are the main active ingredients used in Biretix?

Alongside the patented technologies: RetinSphere Technology and BIOPEP 15,Biretix uses a range of active ingredients to help purify, treat and care for oily and spot-prone skin. These active ingredients include Glycolic acid, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide. Each of these work in strategic combination to provide the best skin care products for oily and spot-prone skin. 

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) used to break the bonds between the outer layer of skin cells and the next layer of skin. This can help to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface by creating a peeling effect on the skin. With the dead skin cells removed, the hair follicles on the skin’s surface are less likely to become blocked, causing spots and pimples. Glycolic acid is also known for evening out the skin tone and texture, resulting in less visible dark patches on the surface of the skin.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), which is considered a key ingredient when it comes to helping calming and regulating acne-prone skin. It does this by reducing the swelling and redness of the skin caused by the spots, whilst unblocked the clogged pores which in time allow the pimples to shrink and eventually disappear. It is also an exfoliant which can remove dry and dead skin cells, preventing them from being able to block pores and create more blemishes. 


Niacinamide helps to build cells in the skin which promotes new, healthy skin growth. It is also used to protect the skin from environmental factors such as sunlight and pollution. It is used in acne treatments as it is an anti-inflammatory that is great for the treatment of large blemishes such as papules. It works to reduce the swelling and redness of the skin caused by the spots, whilst also regulating the amount of acne-causing oil produced in the oil glands. It’s also great for brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). 

The Biretix range also uses a combination of botanical extracts, anti-oxidants and various active complexes to help further boost skin health.

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