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We all know the importance of at-home aftercare for clients following any in-clinic treatment.  From immediately post-procedure to treatment enhancement plans for longer-term results, you want your clients to leave satisfied and with effective home-regimes that will enhance their treatment results. With the newly expanded range of Treatment Enhancement Plans from ALLSKIN | MED, you can send clients home with an easy-to-use regime that will help them get the most from their treatments and leave them looking and feeling their best.

ALLSKIN | MED is the professional skincare range from Cantabria Labs, dermatology experts and creators of research driven brands and innovative, patented technologies with clinically proven results, designed to work in partnership with clinical offerings and provide clients with the best possible outcome.

Following on from the success of the Collagen Activation Plan, ALLSKIN | MED has developed two new additions to their range of Treatment Enhancement Plans, to tailor to even more client skin types/indications and enhance and prolong results of their in-clinic treatments.

Collagen Activation Plan

Complexion Perfector Plan

Moisture Firm Plan

What are the new at-home Treatment Enhancement Plans?

In addition to the Collagen Activation Plan, ALLSKIN | MED has developed two new treatment-enhancing, at-home plans: the Complexion Perfector Plan and the Moisture Firm Plan. Like the Collagen Activation Plan, both are 28-day programmes that involve easy morning and evening routines.

Let’s get into what each has to offer.

The Complexion Perfector Plan – NEW

The Complexion Perfector Plan combines three powerful formulations that are clinically proven to brighten skin in as little as 15 days1 and combat signs of ageing. The plan includes the Retexturising Serum, which exfoliates with a high concentration of AHAs with minimal irritation, Brightening Ampoules that deliver a potent dose of Vitamin C and SCA Pro growth factors, and Radiance Gel, an ultralight moisturizer that also includes antioxidants and regenerative growth factors to further improve skin texture.

ALLSKIN | MED C Brightening Ampoules

ALLSKIN | MED Brightening Ampoules

ALLSKIN | MED C Radiance Gel

ALLSKIN | MED Radiance Gel

ALLSKIN | MED AHA Retexturising Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Retexturising Serum

This is the ideal plan for clients concerned about dull skin, uneven skin tone or discoloration, as well as anyone dealing with skin texture issues.

It is also a fantastic add-on for people who want their skin to be looking its best for an upcoming special occasion or event, as the plan will help to minimise downtime and add radiance and glow.

There are multiple treatments that would be enhanced by the follow-up benefits of the Complexion Perfector Plan:

Advanced facials
Skin peels
WOW Fusion
Skin Boosters/Profhilo

What outcomes can clients expect from the Complexion Perfector Plan?

Clients who decide to try this plan should see noticeably brighter skin in as little as 15 days 1, a smoother complexion, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles 1.

Before & after using one Brightening Ampoule a day for 28 days 

Before & after using one Brightening Ampoule a day for 28 days 

Learn more about the Complexion Perfector Plan

The Moisture Firm Plan – NEW

For clients worried about or suffering from dryness, you’ll want to suggest the Moisture Firm Plan. Dryness is a common after-effect of intensive clinical treatments. That’s where the Moisture Firm Plan comes in, delivering both immediate and long-lasting hydration to soothe any residual or resultant dryness, redness, or irritation and hep skin to feel firmed and plumped.

This plan is an excellent option for anyone with dry or sensitive skin who tend to experience discomfort or dryness following a treatment, or those with a compromised skin barrier. Its firming properties are also geared towards anyone looking to improve skin firmness, focusing on the face, neck and eye area.

The three products in the plan, the Firming Serum, Firming Eye Cream and Replenishing Cream, deliver SCA Pro growth factors to stimulate production of skin-firming collagen and elastin to improve the skin barrier, and a unique moisture complex containing hyaluronic acid​ and natural humectants to flood the skin with moisture.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Replenishing Cream

ALLSKIN | MED Replenishing Cream

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Firming Serum

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Eye Cream

ALLSKIN | MED Firming Eye Cream

The Moisture Firm Plan can complement many in-clinic treatments, such as:

Skin boosters/Profhilo
Oxygen Infusion
Skin Peels

What outcomes can clients expect from the Moisture Firm Plan?

The firming properties of these products will leave the skin noticeably firmer and smoother, and post-procedure downtime will be reduced 2. Skin will be softer and more hydrated.

Before & after using the Firming Eye Cream twice daily for 28 days

Before & after using the Firming Eye Cream twice daily for 28 days

Learn more about the Moisture Firm Plan

The Collagen Activation Plan, the original Treatment Enhancement Plan

Like the Moisture Firm Plan, the Collagen Activation Plan also uses SCA Pro to stimulate collagen production and firm the skin. Studies have shown that it can improve the efficacy of treatments in relation to wrinkle reduction by 50%3. It is clinically proven to reduce downtime post-treatment and speed the skin’s recovery while enhancing the results of any in-clinic treatments.

Find out more about the Collagen Activation Plan and how it can boost results for your clients.

Before and after using the Collagen Activation Plan for 1 week

Before and after IPL treatment followed by the Collagen Activation Plan

Enhance your clinic’s offering

Clinical treatments necessitate comprehensive care, and the new Treatment Enhancement Range from ALLSKIN | MED are tailor-made to achieve that. By integrating these plans into your clinic’s services, you are ensuring that your clients receive a 360-treatment experience. Simple, effective, and results-driven, these plans can contribute to not only faster recovery for your clients but long-term results that bolster long-term loyalty.

Whether it’s the Complexion Perfector Plan, the Moisture Firm Plan, or the Collagen Activation Plan, ALLSKIN | MED is your partner in delivering exceptional treatment outcomes.

Become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner

Our Introduction to ALLSKIN | MED webinars are perfect for professional skin clinics who are new to the ALLSKIN | MED brand, looking to learn more about this incredible professional anti-aging skincare range and how to become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner Clinic.


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