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Building effective Retinol Programmes for your clients 

ALLSKIN | MED is a range of science-backed dermo-cosmetic skincare products, providing truly transformative skincare programmes and while enhancing results from in-clinic treatments. ALLSKIN | MED is available exclusively from aesthetic skin clinics and the range is designed to work in partnership with clinical offerings, with the products clinically proven to enhance treatment results & reduce downtime. 

Our latest campaign focuses on the power of the new ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes and our clinically-proven Skin Retinisation Protocol. As the most requested ingredient in-clinic, a robust understanding and supreme selection of retinol products are essential for your business. 

Why retinol?

The champion of anti-ageing skincare

Retinol is a type of retinoid, and one of the only skincare ingredients that is clinically proven to slow down the ageing process and visibly reduce signs of skin ageing.  

The benefits of retinol are far-reaching. Most notable is its clinically proven ability to boost collagen production, therefore reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting skin firmness. This incredible ingredient increases skin cell turnover and stimulates circulation, improving the look of pores and scarring, as well as brightening the skin. Retinol also smoothes skin tone by reducing pigmentation, and normalises sebum production to tackle oily skin. There’s no ingredient quite like retinol! 

RetinSphere® Technology from ALLSKIN | MED

ALLSKIN | MED offer the ultimate approach to retinol with our Renewal Serums. Unlike any other on the market, they are the gold standard for anti-ageing skincare. 

Some may assume that the stronger the retinol, the better the results. However, experts at Cantabria Labs have found that the delivery mechanism and gradual increase of retinol is what secures the best outcomes with minimal irritation. 

ALLSKIN | MED Renewal Serums harness the power of RetinSphere®, a patented technology that features two powerful retinoids: hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) and retinol within glycospheres. HPR is a potent yet gentle form of retinol, and the only cosmetic-grade retinoic acid ester that mimics retinoic acid. It binds directly to retinoid receptors without breaking down into retinoic acid, making it more stable and less irritating than retinoic acid. Meanwhile, the retinol within glycospheres is an extremely stable form of retinoid that converts to retinoic acid in the skin, offering the gradual release of retinol.  

This sophisticated delivery mechanism provides both the immediate and sustained release of retinoids, which means maximum efficacy with minimal side effects. What’s more, our water-free formulations maximise the activity of the ingredients. 

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier

A healthy barrier is crucial during the retinisation process, and therefore retinol should always be used in combination with soothing ingredients. Along with RetinSphere® Technology, the NEW ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes utilise SCA® PRO Technology, a potent growth factor complex that is clinically proven to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and gently repair the skin. The programmes also contain EDAFENCE® Technology, a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-pollutant that increases skin barrier strength and balances oxidative stress.  

This brilliant trio of patented technologies, along with niacinamide and vitamins C and E, make for the most powerful and effective yet gentle and nourishing retinol programmes on the market.  

RetinSphere® Technology
RetinSphere® Technology
SCA® PRO Technology
SCA® PRO Technology
EDAFENCE® Technology
EDAFENCE® Technology

NEW ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes

The NEW ALLSKIN | MED Retinol Programmes are the ultimate regimes to tackle advanced signs of ageing, proven to improve skin texture, stimulate cell renewal, and improve skin barrier function. 

Each programme is made up of an expertly-designed trio containing a graduated concentration of Renewal Serum, allowing the skin to tolerate and adjust, with minimal adverse effects.

Essential Retinol Programme
Essential Retinol Programme
Advanced Retinol Programme
Advanced Retinol Programme
Ultra Retinol Programme
Ultra Retinol Programme

Our Retinol Programmes have been designed to treat every client at every stage in their retinol journey. It begins with the Essential Programme, offering retinol at 0.25%, ideal for clients who are new to retinol or are reluctant after a previous poor experience. This low-strength retinol is also suitable for young skin experiencing the first signs of ageing, spot-prone skin, and skin that is somehow compromised.  

The next step is the Advanced Programme, a mid-strength retinol at 0.5%, suitable for clients who have experience in dermo-cosmetic retinol products. It should always be offered prior to our strongest retinol, even for clients who have experience with high percentage retinoids. 

The final Ultra Programme offers retinol at 1%; this should only be offered to clients who have stepped up from the ALLSKIN | MED Advanced Serum. 

Along with the Renewal Serum, each programme will contain the ALLSKIN | MED Restore Cream, an intensely hydrating cream with low levels of retinol plus skin soothers to help maintain retinol activity while delivering intense hydration to plump the skin and sustain a healthy skin barrier. It also features our best-selling Firming Serum with high levels of Growth Factor activity. This light-weight formula will repair and regenerate the skin during the retinisation process, whilst boosting brightness, firmness and hydration. 

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Serum
Firming Serum
ALLSKIN | MED Essential Renewal Serum
Essential Renewal Serum
ALLSKIN | MED R Restore Cream
Restore Cream

Skin Retinisation Protocol

The Skin Retinisation Protocol from ALLSKIN | MED is the most effective way for your clients to use retinol. It was designed to help reduce the side-effects of Retinol use while increasing the regime tolerability. 

The Retinisation Protocol involves a gradual increase in not only the use of Retinol on a weekly basis but the percentage strength as well. By gradually introducing Vitamin A into clients routine allows for better tolerability & improved efficacy.   

Over the weeks, clients will increase the frequency of retinol use, and ensure they are maintaining Retinol Activity in the skin with the ALLSKIN | MED Restore Cream and protecting the skins barrier with our Firming Serum. This allows the skin to slowly adjust while ensuring a healthy skin barrier function.  

Clinically proven, the ALLSKIN | MED Skin Retinisation Protocol is an effective, long-term treatment for improving the signs of ageing, offering excellent tolerability to patients. 

Learn more about our Retinisation Protocol here

Amazing results

Before & After following ALLSKIN | MED 12-week Retinisation Protocol, starting with the Advanced Renewal Serum (0.5%):

The ALLSKIN | MED approach to retinol programmes is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 30% and increase skin firmness by 42%, in just 90 days.1  

Because a soothing, restoring product is included alongside retinol, our Skin Retinisation Protocol is also proven to reduce skin tightness and redness throughout. It is a safe and effective way for every one of your clients to use Vitamin A within their anti-ageing skincare routine. By following the Protocol, clients will experience optimum efficacy, and will notice significant improvements in skin texture and firmness, as well as a considerable reduction in wrinkle severity.  

While most patients have also reported excellent tolerability, side effects like inflammation are common and will stabilise during their retinisation journey. For more on what to expect during the retinisation process, click here.

How to get involved

Become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner

Are you a skincare professional looking to step up your clinic’s retinol offering? With our clinically-proven ingredients and results, ALLSKIN | MED is the perfect range to introduce into your clinic.

Our Introduction to ALLSKIN | MED webinars are perfect for professional skin clinics who are new to the ALLSKIN | MED brand, looking to learn more about this incredible professional anti-aging skincare range and how to become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner Clinic.


1 Efficacy of an Antiaging Treatment Against Environmental Factors: Deschampsia antarctica Extract and Hightolerance Retinoids Combination. by AZAHARA PÉREZ DAVÓ, PhD, MSC; MARIA TERESA TRUCHUELO, MD, PHD; MARIA VITALE, MD; and J. GONZALEZ-CASTRO, MD.

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