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ALLSKIN | MED is a sophisticated, clinically-proven range of skincare, exclusive to skincare professionals and available only through our authorised Partner Clinics and trained skin specialists.  

Created by Cantabria Labs, international experts in dermatological research and development, ALLSKIN | MED offers the most sought-after ingredients and patented technologies. Our collection of incredible skincare products makes for transformative programmes, along with enhanced treatment results in-clinic.  

Our latest campaign focuses on the power of retinol and our clinically-proven Skin Retinisation Protocol, the safest method for using Vitamin A without compromising on results.

For every anti-ageing regime 

Retinol is one of the only skincare ingredients that is proven to slow the skin ageing process and improve signs of ageing. It is also the most requested ingredient by your clients. 

This champion of anti-ageing skincare can be incorporated into every skincare routine, no matter an individual’s age, skin type, or indications. With its preventative and corrective abilities, it is ideal for clients with youthful skin and minimal concerns, along with the more mature client, or those with conditions such as mild acne and pigmentation (retinol may not be suitable for individuals with severe skin conditions, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding1). 

There are many benefits to retinol use. By increasing collagen production, whilst inhibiting the matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that break down collagen and elastin, it can significantly reduce both fine lines and deep wrinkles. Retinol also increases skin cell production for improved texture and a reduction in acne lesions and pore size, whilst boosting skin cell renewal and stimulating circulation for a brighter complexion. By encouraging desquamation, retinol exfoliates the skin to reduce pigmentation. Finally, retinol will reduce the size and activity of sebaceous glands to prevent oily skin and breakouts.

ALLSKIN | MED Skin Retinisation Protocol 

Retinol is a scientifically-proven ingredient that can truly transform the skin. However, there are associated side effects, including dryness, redness, peeling and itching. The reactions are generally mild and temporary, resolving once the skin’s tolerance to retinol has built up (this is called the retinisation period). 

Minimise and protect the skin against the side effects of retinol with the ALLSKIN | MED Skin Retinisation Protocol. Our clinically-proven, carefully-designed twelve-week programme is the gold standard in anti-ageing skincare, delivering incredible anti-ageing results whilst minimising irritation. 

The programmes

Essential Retinol Programme
Essential Retinol Programme
Advanced Retinol Programme
Advanced Retinol Programme
Ultra Retinol Programme
Ultra Retinol Programme

The products

ALLSKIN | MED Essential Renewal Serum
Essential Renewal Serum (0.25%)
ALLSKIN | MED Advanced Renewal Serum
Advanced Renewal Serum (0.5%)
ALLSKIN | MED Ultra Renewal Serum
Ultra Renewal Serum (0.5%)
ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Serum
Firming Serum
ALLSKIN | MED R Restore Cream
Restore Cream

More information:

Essential Renewal Serum (0.25%)

Suitable for clients who are new to retinol products, have limited experience, or have used retinol previously and had a poor experience.  

Advanced Renewal Serum (0.5%)

Suitable for clients who have experience of dermo-cosmetic retinol products, or have used retinol recently. 

Ultra Renewal Serum (1%)

Suitable only for clients who have stepped up from the Advanced Renewal Serum. 

Firming Serum

A light, fast-absorbing serum that is rich in growth factors to repair, regenerate, brighten and hydrate the skin. 

Restore Cream

A rich, intensely-hydrating moisturiser that’s boosted by anti-oxidant and anti-pollution technology.  

The technologies


A clinically-proven, patented retinol complex featuring hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) and retinol within glycospheres. HPR is powerful but extremely stable, protecting against uncomfortable side effects. Retinol within glycospheres is released gently and gradually for lasting activity. RetinSphere® ensures maximum efficacy with minimal irritation. 


A potent growth factor complex that is proven to regenerate and repair the skin whilst reducing redness. It works to resurface the skin during the retinisation process, and is the perfect accompaniment to retinol. 


A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-pollution technology that balances oxidant activity and boosts the strength of the skin’s barrier. This increases retinol efficacy, reduces irritation, and balances any oxidative stress. 

The Protocol

Diagram showing the progressive usage of Retinol

AM (Every Day) 
Cleanse the skin. Apply two pumps of GF Firming Serum to the face and neck. Once absorbed, apply two pumps of Restore Cream. Once absorbed, apply a high-protection SPF such as Heliocare 360°

PM (Weeks 1-2, 2 days/week, non-consecutive days) 
Select the appropriate % Renewal Serum. Cleanse the skin. Once dry, smooth two pumps of Renewal Serum over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Once absorbed, apply two pumps of Restore Cream.  

PM (Weeks 1-2, remaining days) 
Cleanse the skin. Once dry, apply two pumps of Growth Factor Serum. 

PM (Weeks 3-4, 4 days/week, non-consecutive days) 
Cleanse the skin. Once dry, smooth two pumps of Renewal Serum over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Once absorbed, apply two pumps of Restore Cream.  

PM (Weeks 3-4, remaining days) 
Cleanse the skin. Once dry, apply two pumps of Growth Factor Serum. 

PM (Weeks 5-7, 5 days/week) 
Cleanse the skin. Once dry, smooth two pumps of Renewal Serum over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Once absorbed, apply two pumps of Restore Cream.  

PM (Weeks 5-8, remaining days) 
Cleanse the skin. Once dry, apply two pumps of Growth Factor Serum. 

PM (Weeks 9-12) 
Increase the % of your Renewal Serum and follow the same protocol. 

Top tips

Build up usage of the Renewal Serum gradually. This is vital, even if the client has used retinol previously.
Do not use the Renewal Serum on consecutive days.
If at any point the skin becomes irritated, reduce the amount of product or the frequency of use.
Skin should be completely dry before using retinol.
Use two-three pumps only.
When applying retinol, avoid the eyelids, nostrils and corners of the mouth, as these areas are very sensitive.
Retinol should always be followed by a moisturiser.
If, after several weeks of use, the client experiences dryness, they should stop using retinol until the skin has settled.

Clinical study results

To discover the true power of ALLSKIN | MED Renewal Serums and the Skin Retinisation Protocol, Cantabria Labs conducted a prospective pilot study across twenty volunteers with some degree of skin ageing. The aim was to identify the efficacy and tolerance of a protocol based on high concentrations of retinol (0.5% and 1%). 

At the beginning of the study, 60% of participants rated their skin ageing as ‘moderate’ or ‘intense’. They then followed our Skin Retinisation Protocol for twelve weeks. This involved a gradual increase of the concentration of retinol in their nighttime skincare routine, alongside a nourishing growth-factor face cream on alternate days, and a high-level SPF during the day.  

During the study, participants were assessed for symptoms of facial ageing using skin analysis tools (Cutometer®, Tewameter® and VISIA®), along with patient and investigator opinions. Significant improvements were noted throughout. By the end of the study, 83% of participants showed significant improvements to skin firmness, with maximum improvements of 20% by day 902. 0% of volunteers now reported their skin ageing to be ‘intense’.  

In most patients, side effects were non-existent or minimal. They were also greater in the middle of the study, when the retinol was applied more frequently, but quickly decreased as the skin adjusted to retinol use. This demonstrates that the retinisation process is crucial in increasing tolerability of high percentage retinol. 

To conclude, our study found that the ALLSKIN | MED Skin Retinisation Protocol is an effective, long-term treatment for improving the signs of ageing, offering excellent tolerability to patients. 

Before & After following ALLSKIN | MED 12-week Retinisation Protocol, starting with the Advanced Renewal Serum (0.5%):

How to get involved

Become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner

Are you a skincare professional looking to step up your clinic’s retinol offering? With our clinically-proven ingredients and results, ALLSKIN | MED is the perfect range to introduce into your clinic.

Our Introduction to ALLSKIN | MED webinars are perfect for professional skin clinics who are new to the ALLSKIN | MED brand, looking to learn more about this incredible professional anti-aging skincare range and how to become an ALLSKIN | MED Partner Clinic.


1 Mukherjee, S., Date, A., Patravale, V., Korting, H.C., Roeder, A. and Weindl, G. (2006). Retinoids in the treatment of skin aging: an overview of clinical efficacy and safety. Clinical interventions in aging, [online] 1(4), pp.327–48. Available at:
2 Truchuelo, M. T., Pielasinski-Rodriguez, U. and Vitale, M. (2022). Evaluation of Effectiveness and Tolerance of a Cosmeceutic Regimen Based on Topical Retinoids. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Dec. 2023] 

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