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Recommended & grown by skin professionals and dermatologists, Heliocare 360° is a science-led, daily sun protection range of topical formulations and skin supplements that protects beyond sunscreen, with exclusive Fernblock® antioxidant technology. 

All Heliocare 360° topical formulations provide high-level, broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB and go beyond sunscreen to protect skin against visible light and infrared-A for full-spectrum protection for the very best daily defence against the sun and daylight.

Why Heliocare 360°?

Renowned for its unique and clinically proven, core technology, Fernblock. Heliocare inspires confidence among practitioners, providing peace of mind when delivering advanced in-clinic treatments.

High-level, broad-spectrum protection
against UVA (PA++++), UVB (SPF50+)​

HEVL, IR-A and free-radical defense​
with exclusive Fernblock® antioxidant technology

Holistic skin protection ​on the outside and from within​
with topical formulations and oral skin supplements​ 

A sunscreen for everyone, for every day​​
with unique formulas tailored for various skin types, indications, and coverage preferences 

Why daily, full-spectrum protection?

… because UVA, visible light, and infrared-A are present all year round.

UV exposure is responsible for 80% of visible skin ageing skins1

Visible light induces dark spots and pigmentation2,3

Infrared-A contributes towards premature skin ageing4

Heliocare fights against these harmful effects and ensure skin is protected & strengthened.

Heliocare contains an optimum combination of mineral and non-mineral filters (UVA + UVB)
The supercharged Fernblock technology, an powerful antioxidant, is exclusive to Cantabria Labs and is clinically proven to help prevent free radical damage caused by daylight and improve skin health
Vitamins C, E and Green tea extract for additional antioxidant activity plus active ingredients in unique formulations tailored towards various skin types and skin concerns​
Natural plant-derived enzymes, proven to help repair nuclear and mitochondria of skin cell DNA and prevent DNA damage

Beyond Sunscreen: Fernblock® Technology

Fernblock® is Heliocare’s exclusive ingredient that takes skin protection beyond sunscreen to help boost the skin’s daily defences against free-radical damage caused by daylight as well as helping to repair damage to skin cell DNA. Fernblock® is the result of years of scientific research and its multiple benefits to skin health have been demonstrated in over 80 scientific publications. 

The use of Fernblock® as an oral supplement has been extensively studied by scientists and dermatologists demonstrating its antioxidant properties and its many benefits to skin health. 

Fernblock® has also demonstrated clinical efficacy in topical formulations and is used in every Heliocare 360° sunscreen, so you can give your skin the very best daily defence on the outside and from within.5 

Learn more about this amazing technology and the benefits of Fernblock®.

A Heliocare 360°​ for everyone, for everyday

Expert sunscreens specifically formulated for everyday use. With products suitable for all skin types and to help improve the signs and symptoms of various skin concerns and indications, there’s a product for everyone, for everyday.​ 

Daily facial sunscreens & clinic essentials

Daily facial sunscreens designed for everyday use offering high-level skin protection. A comprehensive range of targeted solutions for all skin types, foundation coverage and various skin indications and concerns​.

Skin health supplements

Skin health supplements containing Fernblock® Technology, designed for use alongside topical sunscreens, to enhance daylight protection, protect your patients treatment results and boost overall skin health from within​. 

Body sunscreens

Advanced sun protection products specifically formulated for use on the body​.

Childrens sunscreens

Paediatrics range specifically formulated for, and tested on, the delicate skin of babies and children from 6 months old​. 

Get involved today

New and existing partners can start their campaign journey by registering for one of our group webinars below. These short, informative sessions will take you through everything you need to know about the brand and the campaign, including the Partner-exclusive offers and merchandise that is available to you once you come on board. 

Alternatively, if there are no available dates that suit you, you can choose to request a one-to-one meeting and your dedicated account manager will be in touch to arrange a time that fits in with your schedule. 

Become a Heliocare Partner

Our Introduction to Heliocare 360° webinars are perfect for professional skin clinics who are new to the Heliocare brand, looking to learn more about this  leading range of evidenced-based sun protection products and how to become a Heliocare Partner Clinic.


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