post procedure skincare

Your clients have already invested in their skin by coming to your clinic and having their chosen skin treatment, so they’re likely to want to maintain these results at home too. Many treatments can make skin a little more sensitive while new tissue is generated, bacteria is killed and collagen is produced which means it’s important to help your clients protect their skin and prevent irritation. 

A post treatment skincare routine will help your clients to enhance the results of their treatments and keep their skin looking fresh, bright and clear. 

Post procedure skin treatments 

Heliocare 360°

Post procedure sun protection is key. After many skin rejuvenating treatments, your client’s skin is left more sensitive as the skin regenerates cells, leaving it open to damage from the sun. It can be difficult to find sun protection products that will not irritate their skin but it’s an important part of post-procedure skincare for your clients. 

Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid

Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid has been specifically developed for sensitive skin but still provides high levels of protection against UVA, UVB, visible light, and infrared-A. It contains mineral only filters which sit at the surface of the skin to absorb and scatter UV rays. 

The product’s formulation uses sunspheres to enhance the efficacy of the mineral filters, so lower concentrations of filters are required. This creates a beautiful formulation that doesn’t leave a white residue on skin, which is typical of mineral-only sun protection products. 

Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid

Heliocare also contains Fernblock which is a supercharged anti-oxidant that is proven to help protect the skin from within against sun damage, as well as repair existing DNA damage, making it perfect for post-procedure skin. 

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