The Collagen Activation Plan: what is it and how does it work?

Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift



ALLSKIN | MED enhances the results of any in-clinic treatment with powerful at-home regimes and potent products to elevate your protocols.

The Collagen Activation Plan is a new addition to the ALLSKIN | MED range designed for use alongside any in-clinic rejuvenation treatment such as radiofrequency treatments, IPL, microneedling and LED phototherapy.

Centred around the clinically proven growth factor technology SCA PRO the Collagen Activation Plan is proven to provide significant benefits for your clients specifically reducing redness immediately post procedure, accelerating skin recovery and enhancing the results of rejuvenating skin treatments. In fact studies have shown that it can improve the efficacy of treatments in relation to wrinkle reduction by 50%.

SCA PRO is a patented technology rich in growth factors, glycosaminoglycans and antioxidants and is clinically proven to deliver targeted dermal rejuvenation by stimulating fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin.

The Collagen Activation Plan based on the SCA PRO growth factor technology is a month long home use skincare plan combined with a straightforward protocol immediately following the treatment in clinic. It’s a fantastic addition to any clinic looking to enhance your clients experience, results and satisfaction while introducing them to an advanced clinic exclusive skincare range at a price that offers them exceptional value.

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