RetinSphere® Technology: a patented, potent retinol combination

Jenna Swift

Jenna Swift



One of the core technologies in ALLSKIN | MED is RetinSphere® Technology, a patented combination of retinoids like no other on the market.   

RetinSphere® Technology is an innovative combination of two powerful, high-tolerance retinoids. The unique technology has a sophisticated delivery mechanism that offers both the immediate and sustained release of retinoids for maximum efficacy and minimal irritation. 

RetinSphere® Technology contains hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR), the only cosmetic-grade retinoic acid ester that mimics retinoic acid. It binds directly to retinoid receptors without the need to break down into retinoic acid. It is more stable and less irritating than retinoic acid, penetrating the skin quickly and gently. 

RetinSphere® also features retinol, a very stable form of retinoid that converts to retinoic acid within the skin. The retinol is encapsuled in glycospheres that enable gradual release for prolonged activity with minimal irritation. The combined delivery mechanism offers high potency and efficacy with high levels of tolerance. 

Clinically-proven benefits 

Increases skin firmness1,2
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles1,2
Improves elasticity1,2

ALLSKIN | MED Products featuring RetinSphere® Technology 

ALLSKIN | MED Essential Renewal Serum

Essential Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Advanced Renewal Serum

Advanced Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED Ultra Renewal Serum

Ultra Renewal Serum

ALLSKIN | MED R Restore Cream

Restore Cream

ALLSKIN MED Mattifying Gel

Mattifying Gel Cream

ALLSKIN MED Pigment Control Serum

Pigment Control Serum

RetinSphere® Technology is a core technology in the ALLSKIN | MED clinic-exclusive dermo-cosmetic skincare range. ALLSKIN | MED is researched, developed and manufactured by Cantabria Labs, Spain and bought to you by AESTHETICARE

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