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Enhance your client offering by adding at-home, post-treatment plans from ALLSKIN | MED to reduce downtime and accelerate recovery.

Clinical cosmetic treatments can work wonders on the skin, but without proper aftercare, your clients might not be maximizing the efficacy of their procedures. Clients rely on their clinicians to guide them to the right products and give them a routine that they can follow, and that gets results.

ALLSKIN | MED Treatment Enhancement Plans are simple regimes that clients can follow at home after a variety of ablative and non-ablative treatments. All the plans utilise at least 3 of ALLSKIN | MED’s core technologies, and are designed to heal and strengthen the skin, reduce downtime and improve client outcomes.

Core technologies

SCA PRO growth factor technology – to enhance the recovery process and improve the results of skin rejuvenation treatments in clinic
RetinSphere® Technology – designed to offer both immediate and sustained release of retinoids for maximal efficacy with minimal irritation
Fernblock sun protection technology – increases the skin’s resistance to sunburn and protects against the damage caused by all types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible, and IR)
EDAFENCE anti-pollution technology  – designed to prevent and repair damage caused by external environmental stressors, such as pollution, tobacco smoke, oxidizing agents and heavy metals
Potent stabilised Vitamin C – ensures that the Vitamin C in the products remains effective and provides all of the well-known benefits
Potent AHAs – improves skin texture, brightness, and reduces signs of aging

By adding Treatment Enhancement to your repertoire you will find that your patients results will dramatically improve, there will be visible improvements in texture, tone, firmness alongside brightening and that all round glow. The plans work not only work well as a stand alone option for new patients that are not yet keen on treatments, but also offer established patients a great way of improving their overall skin health

Following on from the success of the original Treatment Enhancement, the Collagen Activation Plan, the range has been expanded to treat more indications and client skin types. There are now three different ALLSKIN | MED Enhancement Plans to select from:

Collagen Activation Plan

Moisture Firm Plan

Complexion Perfector Plan

What is the benefit of a Treatment Enhancement Plan?

By sending clients home with a treatment enhancement plan catered to their individual needs, you can:

Speed recovery and reduce downtime
Meet your patient’s expectations and goals
Offer your patient a complete professional service
Create trust and loyalty
360 treatment experience

Explore the different plans

Collagen Activation Plan

This plan was developed to deliver a concentrated dose of SCA PRO growth factor technology to accelerate healing and address signs of ageing. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, leaving it smoother and plumper. Users of this plan can enhance the results of rejuvenating skin treatments by 50%.

Suitable with these treatments: Fillers, collagen-inducing injectables, threads, ablative lasers, RF, microneedling, HIFU, ultrasound, LED, IPL, polynucleotides, PRP, hydrafacials.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Regenerating Ampoules

Regenerating Ampoules

The highest concentration of SCA PRO in the Treatment Enhancement Plan range (40%). These ampoules immediately reduce redness while repairing the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Additional antioxidants and a moisturising complex strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin health.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Replenishing Cream

Replenishing Cream

This rich, soothing cream gives the skin an additional boost of SCA PRO, and a hydration complex for intense, slow-release hydration. Hydrolyzed soy peptides stimulate fibroblast proliferation, slow collagen degradation and promote cell oxygenation by 30%. Calcium-activated cell metabolism restructures and synthesizes collagen nets and support fibres to leave the skin feeling stronger and firmer.

Moisture Firm Plan

This is the ideal plan for clients suffering from dehydrated skin or a damaged barrier. It will increase firmness and elasticity in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,1 leaving the complexion brighter, tighter and more hydrated.

Suitable with these treatments: Skin boosters/profhilo, oxygen infusion, hydrafacials, PRP, IPL, polynucleotides, LED, RF, laser, microneedling, skin peels.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Serum

Firming Serum

A light, fast-absorbing serum that repairs and regenerates the skin, working deep into the dermis with SCA PRO growth factor technology (15%). Vitamin C, niacinamide and other anti-oxidants soothe and brighten, while hydrolyzed soy peptides stimulate firming and a complex of moisturisers delivers immediate and long-lasting hydration. Clinically proven to increase firmness by 17%, elasticity by 19%, and decrease fatigue by 19% after 28 days of use.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Replenishing Cream

Replenishing Cream

The powerful hydrating factors in the Replenishing Cream from the Collagen Activation Plan are also fantastic for clients with dry skin or a damaged skin barrier, or who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

ALLSKIN | MED GF Firming Eye Cream

Firming Eye Cream

Firming and decongesting activity meets moisture from hyaluronic acid and squalene, while a 15% concentration of SCA PRO gets to work repairing this thin and sensitive area of the skin. Added soft focus microspheres brighten the eye area and soften fine lines.

Complexion Perfector Plan

A three-step plan to even skin tone and smooth texture, for people with sun damage, enlarged pores, epidermal marks or a dull complexion. Proven to revitalise the complexion and brighten the skin in as little as 15 days.2

Vitamin C and SCA PRO improve radiance as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while gradual release AHA complex technology encourages exfoliation and promotes healthy renewal, leaving skin fresh, polished and glowing.

Suitable with these treatments: Advanced facials, skin peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion, WOW fusion, IPL, LASEMD, laser, skin boosters/profhilo, meso therapy, fractional skin resurfacing, hydrafacials.

ALLSKIN | MED AHA Retexturising Serum

Retexturising Serum

High concentration of immediate and gradual release AHAs for exfoliation and cell renewal, with niacinamide to soothe and an added moisturising complex and vitamins A, C and E to fight free radical damage

ALLSKIN | MED AHA Retexturising Serum

Brightening Ampoules

An oil-free serum that delivers a big dose of stabilised 15% vitamin C in a small package, plus SCA PRO growth factors (20%) to stimulate collagen and elastin. Small ampoules prevent the vitamin C from oxidising and losing potency. In just 28 days, it has been clinically proven to:

  • Increase brightness (80%)
  • Improve texture (80%)
  • Give a firming effect (90%)
  • Increase moisture (90%)
  • Increase elasticity (75%)
ALLSKIN | MED C Radiance Gel

Radiance Gel

This hydrating gel cream gives additional boost of SCA PRO alongside hyaluronic acid for intensive moisturising, and an anti-oxidant cocktail to brighten and protect the skin.

What is the protocol?

Each of the three Treatment Enhancement Plans consists of an easy to follow, 28-day programme. A simple morning and evening routine with just a few products are all that is needed.

In the morning, clients should use a gentle cleanser, apply their Enhancement Plan products, and finish with a full-spectrum sunscreen.

The ALLSKIN | MED gel or foam cleaners and mineral sunscreens are the ideal partners for all of the plans.

In the evening, cleansing is followed by application of the chosen plan.

For the Collagen Activation Plan and Complexion Perfector Plan, only one ampoule is needed per day – half in the morning and half in the evening.

Which Treatment Enhancement Plans should you recommend?

You know what works and doesn’t work for your clients. Use the chart below to determine which of the clinically proven Treatment Enhancement Plans will help them get the most from their treatments and leave them looking and feeling their best.

The ALLSKIN | MED Treatment Enhancement Plans were developed to support clinics in delivering stellar outcomes, client satisfaction and loyalty. With the Collagen Activation Plan, Moisture Firm Plan and Complexion Perfector plan, there is a powerful regime to address a wide variety of client needs and indications.

Help your clients to reduce downtime, accelerate recovery, and feel and look their best by adding a Treatment Enhancement Plan to your client offering today.

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1 Truchuelo MT, et al. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2020;19(3):622-8.
2 Sisto T, Bussoletti C, Celleno L. Esperienze dermatologiche-Dermatological experiences. 2013;15.

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