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Heliocare 360° is an award-winning range of professional sun protection products that provide your skin with the very best daily defence against the sun and daylight. With high-level, broad-spectrum protection against UBA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A, Heliocare 360° shields the skin from the broadest spectrum of light. It’s also jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients, to help boost skin health and prevent premature skin ageing from within.  

What’s more Heliocare 360° offers a wide range of products in unique formulations for all skin types, and skin concerns. So, whether your client’s skin is dry, sensitive or spot-prone, you’re sure to find a perfect Heliocare 360° match for every client that walks through your clinic door. To do this, we need to firstly identify the client’s skin type and tone:  

Identifying skin types 

Skin type is mainly determined by genetics, but it can also be influenced by external factors. Habits like smoking, not drinking enough water, skipping SPF, and not following a good skin care routine can have seriously negative effects on the skin. On the flipside, a healthy and balanced diet, daily sun protection and the right kinds of products and treatments will help our skin to look its best. 

Our skin also changes as we age, with a natural depletion in hydration and elasticity, as well as increased fragility and longer recovery times. That’s why it’s so important to educate your clients about their skin type and recommend products that will boost skin health and target concerns.  

Fitzpatrick Classification 

To further help us determine the best sunscreen for your clients, its important to take into consideration skin tone. The Fitzpatrick Classification Scale1 can help them to understand their skin tone and sunlight tolerance. The scale was developed in the 1970s by Harvard dermatologist, Thomas Fitzpatrick, who wanted to classify different complexions and their resistance to sunburn. This helps us to understand what level of sun protection we require and our real risk of developing skin cancer. The Fitzpatrick Classification Scale starts from I-VI and is classified as follows: 

  • Fitzpatrick I: Very fair skin that always burns and never tans. Often, a person with this skin type will have light blonde or red hair, and freckles.  
  • Fitzpatrick II: Light skin with peachy undertones that usually burns and rarely tans. 
  • Fitzpatrick III: Light skin with creamy undertones, olive, or light brown skin that may burn mildly but tans gradually. 
  • Fitzpatrick IV: Olive to light or medium brown skin that rarely burns and tans easily. 
  • Fitzpatrick V: Medium brown to dark brown skin that very rarely burns and tans very easily. 
  • Fitzpatrick VI: Dark brown to black skin that never burns and tans very easily. 

It is important to understand that no matter where your client sits on the Fitzpatrick scale, they should still wear sun protection every single day. This is because even the darkest skin types that never burn can still experience sun damage at a deeper level, leading to long-term problems like premature skin ageing, DNA damage and skin cancer. 

Other skin characteristics 

Along with its tone and tolerance to sunlight, your client’s skin will possess a number of other characteristics that define its skin ‘type’. These relate to its level of hydration, sensitivity, and oiliness. Their skin will likely fit into one of these five types: 

Normal / Combination 

Normal skin is not too dry and not too oily, with a regular texture and very rare breakouts. You may experience a level of ‘combination’, such as an oilier T-zone and dry cheeks. You are unlikely to experience sensitivity with most products. 

Dry / Dehydrated 

Dry or dehydrated skin is parched with a rough texture and small pores. Itchy, red patches are common. Fine lines and wrinkles will be more obvious. Often, dry skin is worsened by harsh weather, though some people will experience symptoms all year round. 


Oily skin is common in young people due to fluctuating hormone levels. It is caused by excess oil, which is produced by our sebaceous glands. Oily skin types tend to have large pores. Breakouts are regularly experienced. 


Much like oily skin, spot-prone skin produces too much sebum (oil). This mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria, blocking pores and leading to inflammation causing breakouts. While spot-prone skin is most common in younger people, adult acne in women is now on the rise, increasing by 10% in the last decade2, and thought to be owed to factors including stress, diet and mask-wearing. 


Sensitive skin has a compromised barrier function which leads to redness, itchiness and discomfort. Reactions to products are very likely to occur, often feeling like a burning sensation. Sensitive skin can also feel tight and dry. 

Which Heliocare 360° formula is their perfect match? 

Once you have identified your client’s skin type, you can discuss the different sunscreen options available from Heliocare 360° which you may already carry in-clinic. 

Every Heliocare 360° product contains a powerhouse combination of ingredients that provide unparalleled sun protection along with a host of other skin-loving benefits. Most notable is Fernblock®, the patented plant extract that is exclusive to the Heliocare range. Fernblock® defends the skin from deep within, protecting against UV radiation as well as fighting free radicals, regulating the skin’s immune response and increasing the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

Other incredible ingredients within Heliocare 360° include powerful DNA repair enzymes which prevent and repair sun damage, along with the antioxidants vitamin C, E and green tea extract, which further boost skin health. 

Once you have considered all these factors and identified your client’s skin characteristics, it’s time to introduce them to their perfect Heliocare 360° match… 

Heliocare 360° Oil-Free Gel 

The perfect match for oily, spot-prone, or combination skin types. An oil-free gel formulation that quickly absorbs into the skin with a dry-touch, matte finish which makes this product much loved by most skin types and our best-selling sunscreen. Its unique formula also contains mattifying and sebum-regulating properties making the Oil-Free Gel the perfect Heliocare 360° match for those with oily, spot-prone skin, or combination skin. 

It is clinically proven to prevent breakouts by up to 15%, by regulating sebum production and reducing acne-causing bacteria3.  

Heliocare 360° Oil-Free Gel

Heliocare 360° Water Gel 

The perfect match for normal, dry, dehydrated, or combination skin. An ultra-light water gel texture that quickly absorbs into the skin with a lightweight feel and an invisible finish, making it much loved by most skin types and skin of colour. Its unique formula also features a continuous-release hydration system and a moisturising booster complex which also provides skin with a barrier against pollution. 

Heliocare 360° Water Gel

Heliocare 360° Pigment Solution Fluid 

The perfect match for skin with sun-induced pigmentation. This light, silky fluid is suitable for all skin types with a unique formula designed to lift and prevent sun-induced pigmentation. It contains a subtle pigment to help blur patches of pigmentation, making it recommended for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. Its innovative depigmenting system combing Niacinamide, which helps to prevent the transfer of melanin in skin cells, and Ellagic Acid, which helps to reduce melanin production. Heliocare 360° Pigment Solution Fluid also features a ‘second skin’ helps to lock in moisture and protect the skin from pollution at its surface. 

Heliocare 360° Pigment Solution Fluid

Heliocare 360° A-R Emulsion 

The perfect match for sensitive skin prone to redness. This light, silky fluid is suitable for all skin types with a unique formula designed to reduce and prevent skin redness and inflammation. It contains a subtle pigment to help blur redness, making it recommended for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. Its unique triple-action, anti-redness system combines Physavie with Rosabora and Glutathione to restore the skin barrier, reduce redness, and soothe the skin.  

Heliocare 360° AR Emulsion

Heliocare 360° Age Active Fluid 

The perfect match for mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles. This light, silky fluid is suitable for all skin types with a unique formula designed to help prevent and correct signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. It contains a subtle pigment to help even skin tone, making it recommended for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. 

Its unique formula features an anti-ageing complex. This innovative complex combines a trio of hydrators to help to plump the skin and smooth lines, whilst an additional ‘soft focus’ complex helps to diffuse light and instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines. Heliocare 360° Age Active Fluid also features a ‘second skin’ which helps to lock in moisture and protect the skin from pollution at its surface. 

Heliocare 360° Age Active Fluid

Heliocare 360° Color Oil-Free Gel 

The perfect match for those who prefer an all-in-one product that offers sun protection and natural-looking foundation coverage.  

This light, easy-to-blend fluid is a broad-spectrum protection sunscreen that also provides natural-looking foundation coverage. The Color Oil-Free Gel is available in two shades, Beige and Bronze, and gives a soft, matte finish that helps to mask imperfections for a more even complexion. Its unique formula also has sebum-regulating and hydrating properties. This makes this the perfect Heliocare 360° match for all skin types who want sunscreen and foundation in one with a matte finish. For drier skin types, we recommend applying a hydrator before use.  

Heliocare 360° Color Oil Free Gel in Beige and Bronze

Enhance your client’s sun protection with Heliocare 360° oral supplements  

A combined oral and topical approach to sun protection is the best way to protect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun4. That’s why we recommend boosting your sun protection with Heliocare 360° Capsules. 

Heliocare 360° Capsules are the perfect addition to your daily sunscreen, especially when spending a lot of time outdoors or undergoing aesthetic treatments such as IPL, laser and chemical peels. Featuring an oral version of the powerful anti-oxidant Fernblock, along with vitamins B12, C and E, the capsules are designed to work in conjunction with Heliocare 360° topical formulations, amplifying their protective benefits and boosting skin health from deep within.  

Our oral supplements are suitable for vegans and are highly recommended for those with sensitive skin, or who experience Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLE). They get to work in just thirty minutes. Take one capsule per day, twenty minutes before periods of intense sun exposure. 

To learn more about the Heliocare 360° range, join us at one of our upcoming ’Introduction to Heliocare’ webinars

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