Heliocare Ultra 90 discontinuation notice 

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We would like to advise our customers of the discontinuation of two products within the Heliocare Ultra Range:  

  1. The Heliocare Ultra 90 Cream SPF50+  
    This product is currently out of stock and has been discontinued. The Heliocare Ultra Cream is therefore no longer available to purchase in the UK via shop.aestheticare.co.uk
  1. The Heliocare Ultra 90 Gel SPF50+  
    We currently have limited stock of this product and it is being placed into discontinuation. Once our existing stock has depleted this product will no longer be available to purchase in the UK via shop.aestheticare.co.uk

We understand that this may be disappointing for the users of the Heliocare Ultra 90 Gel and Heliocare Ultra Cream, however, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product offering to ensure we are providing our customers with the highest quality of clinically-proven skincare products.  

Since launching the Heliocare Ultra range, Cantabria Labs (the makers of Heliocare) have advanced their research, technologies and formulations to introduce the ultimate in sun protection in the form of its Heliocare 360° range which we are confident you and your clients will love! 

Introducing Heliocare 360° 

The Heliocare 360° range is the most advanced Heliocare range, providing broad-spectrum protection against UVB (all with SPF50 or above), UVA (PA++++), Visible Light (including blue light from devices), and Infrared-A. Every Heliocare product features the unique, antioxidant technology Fernblock, which provides additional protection to help boost skin health and prevent premature skin ageing.  

The Heliocare 360° range has sophisticated formulations to suit all skin types – including the most sensitive of skin – from oily and spot-prone, to dry and dehydrated. There are also sunscreens that provide natural-looking foundation coverage whilst keeping skin healthy and protected from the harmful effects of the sun and daylight.  

The most recent additions to the range, provide the same high-level sun protection whilst also help to prevent and reduce the appearance of various skin concerns, such as lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and redness. These products also contain a subtle pigment to help even skin tone and blur imperfections.  

The Heliocare 360° Oil-Free Gel and Water Gel are our most versatile daily sunscreens within the range covering all skin types from oily and spot prone skin to dry and dehydrated skin.  

Heliocare 360° Oil-Free Gel

Oil-Free Gel  

An oil-free gel formulation that quickly absorbs into the skin with a dry-touch, matte finish making it much loved by most skin types and our best-selling daily sunscreen. Its unique formula contains mattifying and sebum-regulating properties making Oil-Free Gel the perfect Heliocare 360° match for those with oily, spot-prone skin, or combination skin – or those with normal skin types who prefer a matte finish. 

Heliocare 360° Water Gel

Water Gel 

An ultra-light water gel texture that quickly absorbs into the skin with a lightweight feel and an invisible finish, making it much loved by most skin types and suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI. Its unique formula features a continuous-release hydration system and a moisturising booster complex which also provides skin with a barrier against pollution. This makes Water Gel the perfect Heliocare 360° match for normal, dry, dehydrated, or combination skin. 

To learn more about the Heliocare 360° range, join us at one of our upcoming ’Introduction to Heliocare’ webinars

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